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    Re: Has Disneyland Broken Your Heart?

    when they removed the skyway.i was the last passenger on the great disneyland grandfather was one of the 1st to ride it on june 23 1956.i still get teary eyed over it.disneyland doesnt look right without it!!!!!!!!
    long live the 1st vonroll type 101.the disneyland in peace old ya skyway! bring back the skyway! My Facebook Skyway group!/...d=115004863923

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    Wink Re: Has Disneyland Broken Your Heart?

    Back in 1998 I decided to go to Disneyland for my birthday. I didn't visit DL for a very long time before that. I was very excited and my friend and I promptly went to Tomorrowland. When we arrived there we were horrified. We couldn't believe what we saw. They destroyed TL! Gold???? Yuck! It broke my heart a little. My friend and I are collectors of vintage clothing, records, furniture mainly from the 50's and 60's. You can see why I was horrified.
    I have since become an AP member, this is my second year. I'm still sad walking through TL but still enjoy space mountain. (Didn't like the rockin' both parks for SM).
    The one thing that truly makes me happy is that the Tiki Room is in it's original glory and as far as I know, will stay that way. If you have seen the ETR in MG at WDW it was terrible. That broke my heart as well! Fire the new management!!!
    You have to truly love something for it to break your heart so I guess that means I love Disney and always will even with the changes. I crave it. Take the good with the bad...


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