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    Re: April 20, 2007: Subtle Changes

    I have to mention the trees...I prefer the old trees; it looked more like young Orange County...the way they look now looks like a corporate place holder. As far as growing, back in the day on the Storybook Land Canal Boats, there was a section of snow-capped mountains that, when you past with the Matterhorn behind it, it LOOKED like the REAL Matterhorn...until the trees grew and now
    there's a 'hedge' between the mountain range and the Matterhorn. Progress isn't always better. Thank you for Yesterland!
    "They's two B's in basketball!"

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    Re: April 20, 2007: Subtle Changes

    I agree that there are plenty of people who wear clothing that they shouldn't, but overall we need to remember the main reason why there has been a change in the way people dress in public. Around the time Disneyland opened, there wasn't much in the way of "casual" wear, only white t-shirts and jeans. T-shirts were primarily worn under collared, button-up shirts, and jeans were meant to be worn when you needed a more durable fabric than the normal mens' slacks.

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    Re: April 20, 2007: Subtle Changes

    Quote Originally Posted by Werner Weiss View Post
    How have Main Street Station, City Hall, and the Golden Horseshoe changed after 50 years?

    What are your observations?

    Please discuss it here.
    Well, for starters the Penny Arcade has shrunk! Is it even still there?

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