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    Re: May 24, 2007: Pirates and More Pirates

    More Jack works for me!!!!

    It may even get my son on IASW!!
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    Re: May 24, 2007: Pirates and More Pirates

    It will be interesting to see how big of a hit Pirates Lair @ Tom Sawyer's Island is. There are going to be major ride capacity issues as everyone under the age of 13 will want to head over there. I am surprised actually that the Pirates theme has not become more pervasive at DLR with all the pirates herded over to Pirates Lair. Specifically, with all the "placemaking" and reconstructive surgery planned for DCA I am surprised that no one thought of recreating a sort of Pirateland totally dedicated to Jack Sparrow and his pirate commrades at DCA, the possibilities truly are limitless.

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    Re: May 24, 2007: Pirates and More Pirates

    I waiting to see the live show "Jackie Sparrows High School Musical" Imagine all the movie and ride characters as teenagers singing and dancing through generic pop tunes like "Let's all rape and pillage together." See Long John Silver with a bad case of acne. I can't wait.

    Seriously, my only fear would be they would change all of New Orleans Square to pirates. I like how New Orleans Square has a bit more of a adult feel to it.

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    Re: May 24, 2007: Pirates and More Pirates

    lol! I luv the idea of Jack singin in the Tiki Room & IASW! we need a video like that on YouTube of what it could be like. has anyone seen I've Got a Jar of Dirt complete w/Jack, Gibbs, Will & Elizabeth? it's hysterical! svhwdwnut, then playlist 4! it's @ the top of the page! Enjoy!
    Epcot rocks! I luv Capt Jack Sparrow, alongside Will & Elizabeth!
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    Re: May 24, 2007: Pirates and More Pirates

    Ok so I do admit I totally fell for it til the end!!!!! I love how strong your imagination is!!!!! Im so embarrased I fell for it....Did anyone else??? I was so glad to know tht it was just Photo shop!!!!!!

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    Re: May 24, 2007: Pirates and More Pirates

    Funny stuff! Thanks Werner!

    I did say it another thread, that we are sad to see some things go at Disney but it's not our park anymore - it's our kid's. Today's kids love Pirates the movie and Jack Sparrow. I think they're going to love all the changes. I just hope they have these great memories twenty plus years later like we do of Disney during "our" time.

    I would of added Mr Sparrow's Wild Ride...
    Maybe changing the whale from the Pinochio ride into a Kraken would make it work too... LOL!

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