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    From tickets to passes....

    I was just thinking today back to the time Disney switched over to passes rather than the old "e" tickets etc...

    My earliest memories of DL was with the old ticket system. I remember always being curious how many of the good tickets we still had left. Always aware when we were out of them and, thus, ready to go home. Then the passes started. I remember LOVING it. Suddenly it wasn't an issue about going on rides over and over again. I remember the first time we had passes you had to either pin them on your shirt or show the CM the pass before boarding. I guess this was at the same time they were still allowing people to either buy the old tickets or use them up.

    Does anyone remember what year this would have been? I know it was in the early 80's.

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    Re: From tickets to passes....

    I don't know for sure about Disneyland, but Disney World started phasing out tickets when EPCOT came about. EPCOT opened in October 1982 and I believe that Disney had stopped selling A-E tickets for the Magic Kingdom sometime prior to that.
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    Re: From tickets to passes....

    Checkout the "Background Information" section of Tickets were phased out starting in the late 1970s, and completely done away with in June of 1982. EPCOT Center was the first Disney park to not use tickets.

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