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    Re: June 22, 2007: Parking Lot

    Quote Originally Posted by TiaDalmaFan View Post
    Greatest parking lot ever created by the hand of mankind.

    (click to enlarge)

    (Anaheim Police Department, 1961)
    Awesome picture. It's sad that view doesn't exist anymore.

    Even the view from the monorail is obscured by drab Hollywood backlot buildings and the uninspired Soarin' hanger.

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    Re: June 22, 2007: Parking Lot

    A couple of random memories about the old lot. My Dad and I would park using his Handicapped hang-from-the-rearview-mirror-thingy. On slow days we could park so close to the entrance it was like an E Ticket attraction. He always got a kick out of that. Felt like a VIP. Then there was the friend in college who worked in the booths collecting the parking fees. (1970's me think.) She "let in" the goons who tried to rob the entrace booths. Her supervisor called her in. Her defense? "At least I made them pay for parking."

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    Re: June 22, 2007: Parking Lot

    "Does anyone have magical memory about the Mickey and Friends lot they would like to share? (Note: No sarcasm, just really interested in any good stories."

    I grew up across the street from the strawberry field the new parking structure now sits on. The owner would let us kids bring a beach bucket and pick strawberries every once and a while. I was sad to see it go. It seems strange to be parking on that old strawberry field.

    The fireworks were our "street lights" in 1980. We had to be in the house by the time the last firework went off.

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    Re: June 22, 2007: Parking Lot

    My mom always reminds me of how when I was little, we would ride the monorail. & then she would always tell me to wave to our car. I want to experience that one more time, indeed. But I prefer the parking structure.

    We're always having fun in the Fun and Games Lounge. Care to visit us?

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