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    The Villains Shoppe in Fantasyland.

    Why did they shut it down? It was always one of my favorite places to go. I loved seeing the evil queen as the witch in the cage. Very creepy. It makes me sad to see that it's gone and that a dumb coat of arms store is there.
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    Re: The Villains Shoppe in Fantasyland.

    Years ago it moved to the old kitchen shop in New Orleans Square
    and was renamed "LeBat an Rouge" (spelling). Gradually, with the
    popularity of Haunted Mansion Holiday, Jack and the Nightmare
    crew usurped the entire shop, from the rest of the villains, and other
    HM merchandise.

    With the Popularity of Pirates, they plunder the courtyard and the
    "Le Bat an Rouge" shop, Capt Jack took over, and force Jack Skellington
    down to the previous year 'round Christmas store (with the red front)

    The Christmas store moved to the entrance of Frontierland,
    into the old Candy Store.

    And Yes, that does leave DL, without a Villains store, once again.
    There are so many great villains, with terrific merchandise potential,
    but DL seems to do nothing about it. Must be some sort of continual
    curse, that Disney Villains just can't win a single battle.

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    Re: The Villains Shoppe in Fantasyland.

    At least Disney can still actually merchandise their products, unlike Universal Studios' pathetic attempts, or should I say lack thereof.

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    Re: The Villains Shoppe in Fantasyland.

    I miss the Villians shop too. It was a great place!!!

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    Re: The Villains Shoppe in Fantasyland.

    that was one of my favortie places to go, i really think they should have some sort of villans shop again, who doesnt' want to wear villans stuff!?
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    Re: The Villains Shoppe in Fantasyland.

    It was my favorite shop. And yes... the Old Hag in the cage was shall I say, "da bomb". I was fascinated with it. It had moved over to Le Bat en Rouge, but was later removed. We need a Villains store at Disneyland again.

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    Re: The Villains Shoppe in Fantasyland.

    i think i said this in another thread , but i met Rob Zombie in the villains shop

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