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    Really Cool Old Postcards

    I found this site while doing research for Jungle... I do not know if anyone has posted it before. It has some new Postcards but a LOT of the vintage ones. Sadly it isn't the highest quality
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    Re: Really Cool Old Postcards

    What a cool thing to find! Thanks so much for posting this - it was really fun to look through those old postcards. - the outlet for my Disney obsession - a labor of love in progress

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    Re: Really Cool Old Postcards

    really neat!

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    Re: Really Cool Old Postcards

    There is a site for old WDW postcards too:

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    Re: Really Cool Old Postcards

    There's only been like one generation in postcards from those to the ones we have now-they never update them! Every time I go into the Main Street stores-same old, same old. How do they survive off of ten postcards?????

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