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    Peter Pan "Come on everybody..."

    So....who remembers standing in the maze of line for the Peter Pan ride and at the right end of the maze of line you would hear Peter Pan saying "Come on everybody....Here we gooooo!" as the doors opened and swallowed up the next flying boat full of riders! It was pretty funny, especially if you were in line an hour or so!!!
    "It's a great big beautiful tomorrow..."

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    Re: Peter Pan "Come on everybody..."

    I remember that! Also, do you remember the little Tinkerbell that flew around you just as you took off?

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    Re: Peter Pan "Come on everybody..."

    Yep, and don't forget about the maniacal laugh at the exit of the (old) Alice in Wonderland:

    Yo-lahh-HO-a hoo-hoo HEEEE

    You heard it a gazillion times while waiting in line for the bobsleds.

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    Re: Peter Pan "Come on everybody..."

    I always loved hearing "A portable hole! I'LL SAVE YOU!" and the fanfare at the end of Roger Rabbit while standing in line. Hearing it over and over and over again.

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    Re: Peter Pan "Come on everybody..."

    How about hearing "All of a sudden, I fell! Down, down, down..." at the beginning of Alice?

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