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    Yester "World" submissions

    I'm writing this in response to a comment Werner made in the thread on the Epcot wand:

    Quote Originally Posted by Werner Weiss View Post
    Yes. I plan to keep my eyes open for pictures of retired attractions, shows, parades, restaurants and other features of the Walt Disney World parks and resorts. With weekly updates to my website, I want to (and need to) broaden Yesterland's content. I plan to slowly add "Yester World" attractions to Yesterland. "Yester World" will probably never be as comprehensive as the Disneyland content at Yesterland.

    Does anyone on this forum want to provide any vintage photos of WDW that were taken by themselves or their family? Getting historic photos is always the biggest challenge.
    This is Excellent news Werner, I'll be glad to offer up whatever photos I have taken of any extinct attractions. I've been a fan of Yesterland since 1996 or so when shortly after my first trip to WDW (though I gre up near Disneyland we moved away in 1981) I was watching a show (I think it was called the Site or something like that) on MSNBC and they mentioned Yesterland, I had a couple of buddies that had computers at that point but had not spent any serious time on the web myself, I made a point of getting to the web acess I learned about at our public library shortly there after and have been a Disney Internet junkie ever since.

    I know I have some decent photos of the Horseshoe revue,

    of course I have pictures taken FROM the skyway, but I'm sure those are some of the easier ones to find , at least some of them show the buckets too including one from the station as our bucket left

    (also includes a picture of the castle in the early stages of it's transformation into a cake).

    more cake:

    Most of my pictures are on my site, if you want pictures that are not up on the net of course it would be worth it to take them down if it would get them on Yesterland instead! I'm sure i'll think of more extint attraction I have photos of as time passes

    pegleg parrot anyone?

    Alien Encounter:


    I also have many pictures of the beloved HOND show from the studios:

    and for the older smaller photos would be glad to rescan to modern larger sizes for you of course!

    Not an attraction but I belive the world larges perikalidescope is gone from DTD

    wonders of life:

    old interior of the land pavilion and Food Rocks:

    also includes pictures of the land boats with cast members spieling (taken from the behind the seeds tour)

    more bygone celebration campaigns? 100years of magic

    The Former Walt Disney World preview center:

    Yester Resorts? Treehous villas:

    I also have photos of extinct live entertainment but i think theres enough here for one post (I also have phots that i have yet to scan and add to my web site some from as far back as 1998 Holy cow I'd better get crackin!)

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    Re: Yester "World" submissions

    Check out Widen Your World sometime. They're the closest to a "Yester World" I've seen:

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