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    Re: September 7, 2007: Epcot's L'Originale Alfredo di Roma Ristorante

    Quote Originally Posted by Werner Weiss View Post
    Maybe Tutto Italia will be better. In any case, it's likely Tutto Italia will have the same exterior and interior. That might change in 2008 when the Patina folks give the place an extensive makeover.

    Although I didn't quite say so in the article, Alfredo's lived off the reputation of the original in Rome, its location at Epcot, and the fact that many Americans won't eat anything they're not familiar with (so the only foreign food they'll eat is conventional Italian food). Okay, and the main dining room was very nice, if somewhat crowded.

    I only dined at Alfredo's one. It was around ten years ago, but the experience was so disappointing that we never returned. In contrast—this year alone—we've been to Chefs de France three times and Le Cellier twice. Perhaps we should have given Alfredo's another chance, but there are so many places to get good Italian food in the Chicago area that it didn't seem worth returning to Alfredo's.

    My only experience with a Patina restaurant was a light dinner in the Uva Bar at Catel. There were seven of us, and we all enjoyed it.
    I'm glad to hear that your group had a positive experience at Catal My experience with the DTD Patina restaurants has been really hit or miss, so I'm not too excited about what they'll be bringing to Epcot.

    Chicago does have great Italian food I can see why your expectations were high.

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    Re: September 7, 2007: Epcot's L'Originale Alfredo di Roma Ristorante

    After all the bad reviews of Tortilla Jo's on this board, I am unlikely to ever try it.
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