hello to all im new here and i LOVE DL.my first time going to DL was at the year of 2000(who i got invited with my friend.that time i was about 8) i was at their this year and i was hoping to invited 2 of my best friend which i got one of them but my other friend who took me to disneyland couldnt go since her family was planning to go to cammping(i was ooo disapointed but hopefully next year or so come back to DL and try to invite them again)so my mom invited my brother friend.i was hoping to to the new ride of finding nemo but couldnt go on the ride since the group dont want to wait for an hour(we were allways comeing back to the ride and see if their was a chance but nope didnt happend).i was looking at the old time of disneyland they seem intesting.