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    Re: Astounding Disneyland Footage from 1961-62

    very awesome to see old vintage video from disneyland. i loved it! and snow white does seem a little bit more scary than it does now.

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    Re: Astounding Disneyland Footage from 1961-62

    Besides the goofy liberties taken with park geography and so on, do you notice something else that is very strange? The clips give a tour of virtually the entire park, with one conspicuous exception: Adventureland. You would have thought that the Jungle Cruise could have provided some great comic footage for a film like this, wouldn't you? But there isn't so much as a shot of the characters running through Adventureland. Zip. Why do you suppose?

    Give up? This was filmed in late '61'62. I'll bet it's because the Swiss Family Treehouse was under construction, and Walt probably didn't want any footage of ugly scaffolding in a DL film. Even on the JC, it would have been difficult to avoid glimpsing it in the background now and then, so . . . no Adventureland shots!

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    Re: Astounding Disneyland Footage from 1961-62

    That was a Fantastic and Excellent footage, Thanks for sharing.

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    Re: Astounding Disneyland Footage from 1961-62

    Quote Originally Posted by HBG2 View Post
    Lengthy clips from a forgotten Tony Curtis/Suzanne Pleshette movie (40 Pounds of Trouble) with a long segment filmed at Disneyland in 1961-62.
    I remember seeing that movie back when local and independent TV stations would play classic movies (in the pre- and early-cable days). I think KTLA in Los Angeles aired it a few times in the 70s/80s. Great fun!

    Norman Jewison's directorial debut, the film was the second remake of the Damon Runyon short story Little Miss Marker (a hit for Shirley Temple in 1934).

    These clips are absolutely an awesome find and many thanks to the kind soul who uploaded them to YouTube. The film has never been released on DVD and I wonder if it ever will be. (The VHS can be found from some vendors still, though.)

    Great poster art, too:

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