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    Re: Old Hag Fortune Teller

    Re: The Old Hag/Witch From Snow White (not Esmeralda, the Fortune Teller)

    Someone emailed me and recalled an old post of mine and asked me if I would post here. Found the old post from 2006 so I'll just paste it now...

    >>>Here's a snapshot of what's making the audio.

    As others have mentioned, it's an animated display of the Old Hag from Snow White, locked in a prison cage, anchored by ball & chain.

    This was built in the 70's for the then brand new "Disneyana" shop on Main Street that was located across the street from where it is now, where the Jewelry Shop is now between the Watch Shop and the main Emporium.

    It was built as a display piece for the shop, but soon after opening they decided to put a $15,000 price tag on her to see if anyone would buy her. After a year or two someone did step up to purchase it. Michael Jackson. But Disneyland decided then they wanted to keep her for the shop, so they built Jackson a new one.

    After that sale, the powers-that-be decided they didn't want to sell such things anymore (too proprietary, I guess they thought) and so the pricetag was removed. Keep in mind this was in the days long before the Company started selling almost anything from the Parks to the public at collectible conventions and eBay and such. Don't know if they would put a pricetag on her now, but I suspect if you offered enough, they would build you one.

    When Disneyana moved across the street [to where it is today]...I'm not sure if the Old Hag made the journey or not. I don't recall her ever being over there. She may have gone into storage for a bit of time.

    Next time I saw her she was in the old Disney Villains Shop in Fantasyland. From there she went to the Le Bat en Rouge shop in New Orleans Square. I also heard that she made a brief appearance at Walt Disney World at one time, but can't confirm that. If anyone else spotted her at another location over the years, perhaps they'll speak up.

    BTW...that [turning water into gasoline] line was a direct comment about the gasoline rationing, long lines at the pumps, and general energy crisis that was going on back then, when the Hag display was designed and created in the 70's.<<<

    And with gas prices what they are certainly would be timely to bring her back!

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    Re: Old Hag Fortune Teller

    it seems that they took most of the amazing things out of disneyland before I ever got a chance to explore them... *sigh*

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