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    What ever happened to Disneylandia?

    I am reading a book about Walt, actually this one:

    and just read through a whole section about Disneylandia. I am curious what ever happened to these miniatures? I imagine they have to be somewhere based on all the work that went into them. Anyone know?

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    Re: What ever happened to Disneylandia?

    I know that Dancing Man has been at the Florida Studios' 'One Man's Dream' exhibit for a long time, and I think Granny Kincaid's Cabin is there as well...

    Anyone care to verify?

    Ron Schneider

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    Re: What ever happened to Disneylandia?

    Isn't that what the storeybook ride is.

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    Re: What ever happened to Disneylandia?

    I've read about it too and would love to know! I can't believe they don't have it on display - I am wondering that it might be part of the private family collection and it might be at risk for deteoration (sp?)...BUT, where are all the replies for this!! surely someone else must have wildly speculative rumors to share!,, disneylandia is not storybookland, it's something much different made my walt disney himself prior to Disneyland's inception

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