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The new interactive game at WDW, Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom (SMK), tested for the public for several hours on Sunday, but I didn’t get to experience it myself. There are videos and photos available on several fan sites online, but I will withhold comment until I get to see it first hand.

In the meantime, there are a million other things to talk about, too. In terms of construction, the Art of Animation resort opposite Pop Century has not only taken shape, they are adding decorations. At the Grand Floridian, the upcoming DVC wing has meant a large space cleared on the beach and also on the other side of the monorail. Views of the castle from the wedding chapel walkway have been blocked already, so they put a themed scrim in place to keep it looking presentable.

Read what you’re missing...

There have been so many updates, I recently combined all my observations from the Christmas two-week break into a single, long slideshow. Here it is:

• Mickey's Once Upon a Christmastime Parade, as seen during the daytime
• Swiss Family Treehouse reopened, with new queue and roof over the queue
• Leota cart moved from Mansion closer to riverboat
• Fantasyland update -- new Dumbo testing
• Celebrate the Season stage show
• New stroller parking "lines" in Fantasyland
• Fantastic new waffle sandwiches from Sleepy Hollow Refreshments
• Last (?) remaining DVC with old signage is at Tomorrowland
• House of Innoventions behind walls again; Green House coming
• Christmas booths at Germany
• German train set has Christmas decorations
• Closer look at new sake bar in Japan, and Katsura Grill (replaced Yakitori House on the hill)
• Minor effect replacements in Imagination post-show
• New souvenir pennies at Kim Possible
• New sign at exit to Nemo ride
• Fewer artifacts at Animation exhibit in DHS
• Holiday booths at DHS
• Premier theater at DHS used for cartoons; new holiday decorations
• New Tron souvenir pennies
• Comedy Warehouse holiday special at Sounds Dangerous
• New props at exit to Indy stage show (new to me, anyway)
• New (to me) exhibits in One Man's Dream include Zorro, Shanghai Disneyland concept artwork
• New Year's Eve fireworks at DHS
• DAK using ITTBAB FastPass machines for shows again
• Meet and greet for Dug and Russell
• New merchants in temple outside Yak and Yeti
• New margarita stand outside Flights of Wonder
• New stroller parking for Festival of the Lion King
• New Yak and Yeti dance party
• New decorations at Asia DVC stand
• Fort Wilderness Holiday decorations (trip report)
• New T-shirts around the resort

This past weekend I was again in the parks and saw even more to report about. Plus there are a bunch of rumors and upcoming projects to mention. Rather than build another slideshow, though, I thought I’d try a new format. I’ll type up just a few lines for each item and include only one picture. I’ll get back to more sustained essays next time.


Sunday was the last day for Dumbo, which closed forever in its original location. It will be moved over the next months next to its twin, which is already mostly installed. The twin runs in reverse, so that the Dumbos will “duel” when placed next to each other. I hope they don’t have the problems that Dueling Dragons had.

See you real soon, Dumbo.

Big Thunder

Sunday was also the last day for Big Thunder, which went down for an extended refurbishment. It will re-open in late May. It’s anyone’s guess what will happen during that long downtime, but I expect the loss of the railroad ties in recent months means we’ll get brand new track everywhere. Coasters degrade over time (see Anaheim’s Space Mountain), and that goes double for anything that sits outdoors in Florida’s punishing heat and humidity. Plus they’ll do anything to avoid the symbolism of a THIRD Big Thunder ride having an accident.

The earthquake scene of Big Thunder can sure use new effects.


Friday was the last day for the unspoken, but longstanding tradition of hiding ten paint brushes around Tom Sawyer Island for guests to find in the early morning, to be rewarded by FastPasses for their party. The change is said by some CMs to be permanent, while one claimed it was temporary while Thunder was down (would they have to give out too many Splash ones instead?) I’m not sure I buy the excuse; I think they are just discontinuing the practice. Probably it cost $15 or so per day to replace the paintbrushes that people just keep, and someone bright figured it was therefore a waste of money. Your mileage will definitely vary on that assessment.

Rumor: Tom Sawyer Island Replacement

For some weeks now, rumors have swirled about a possible end to the Rivers of America and to Tom Sawyer Island. It sounds like sacrilege, but this is prime territory if you think about it, and a lot of land… and it’s not very highly used by visitors right now. If you took all of that out, you’d have a ton of space to work with. One rumor suggests a family raft ride (like Kali River Rapids) possibly themed to a frontier (Pocahontas?) design. If this happens, the Liberty Belle would be permanently docked, and the island might not be a destination unto itself (most of it would probably be demolished or repurposed). Nothing is announced, or in fact greenlit and funded, but that’s the rumor.

Unrelated: the DVC sales locations are getting new logos.


Speaking of rumors, we may see a minor addition to Pirates of the Caribbean soon, in the form of mermaids. Details are lacking, but maybe in the ‘beach’ scene at the beginning? A skeleton would fit right in.

Unrelated: Disney’s new promotion for the slow season should lure many locals.


The castle projections (The Magic, The Memories, and You) added a holiday sequence this past season, injecting several seconds into the middle of the show, and they apparently plan to do something similar in February with the theme of Romance (for Valentine’s Day, one assumes). Could they be planning to add something for every season? I’m in favor of that much variation. Stuff like this makes vacations memorable, and differentiates Disney from the competition. And it’s not that expensive.

Unrelated: the ice cream shop is closed for work at the moment.

Meet Russell and Dug

I’ve seen the characters from Up in two places at Discovery Island – hanging around the FastPass machines for It’s Tough to be a Bug, and at their own photo backdrop in a culvert near the Dinoland entrance. This weekend, they ripped out the FastPass machines entirely. There haven’t been that many “former” FastPass locations (Haunted Mansion is another one, and so is the Indy stunt show), so if you’ve got a FastPass to Tough to be a Bug, keep it safe. It’s a collector’s item now. Russell and Dug will move in here full-time and abandon their temporary backdrop location.

No more FastPass at Tough to be a Bug (the machines were often used for shows of late anyway).

Theater of the Stars

Among the dozens of permits Disney files all the time, you’ll occasionally find interesting nuggets. A recent filing suggests a lot of work for the Beauty and the Beast stage show. These things aren’t specific, so it might be nothing. Or, it might be significant. Maybe something like enclosing the theater, the way they did with Nemo at DAK? Or a new show, perhaps Rapunzel? Time will tell.

Unrelated: see those new boxes in the jail? They are presumably
for NextGen, but the purpose isn’t announced yet.

Test Track

This one’s no rumor; Disney has announced they will dramatically refresh Test Track in 2012, refining the sponsor to be Chevrolet only. The preshow will allow visitors to customize a car, which they then ride. That implies the entire preshow will be changed out, and possibly large portions of the ride itself, too? And how will they make it so people ride what they design? Car skins that are just viewscreens? Several rumors have said the ride will borrow some design and thematic elements from Tron (though not the Tron name or universe itself). One thing is certain: the cars are already starting to change. First it was one demo car, but now it’s several. The cars sport new Tron-type designs, but it’s hard to see how these will be customized (they are stickers, maybe paint, but not viewscreens).

One of several new paint jobs at Test Track.

Virtual Tour Guides Needed

A new outfit in Orlando is seeking workers. Normally I wouldn’t mention it here, but it strikes me that some of you may be exactly what they’re looking for. In short, it’s a work at home job, where you use your theme park expertise to provide text-message “just in time” help to people who pay for the service. It’s like being a tour guide, only you do it by smartphone. More info here: http://vtourguides.com/join.php

Pie Festival in Celebration

Bakers of all skill levels are invited to enter the 18th Annual APC/Crisco® National Pie Championships® to be held April 27-29, 2012 in Orlando. Entry forms will be posted soon at www.piecouncil.org. Those who prefer to appreciate the nuances of pie without all the work won’t want to miss the APC Great American Pie Festival sponsored by Crisco®, featuring the Never Ending Pie Buffet, held April 28-29, 2012 in nearby Celebration, Fla.

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