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Tons of topics and Disney discussions in the MiceChat Round-Up this week. First, Al has the scoop on the recent out-of-control pepper spraying incident at Disney California Adventure. And what does it say about how things are handled there? What does a weather report really mean when visiting the Walt Disney World resort? What's it like to ride Jurassic Park alone at night when something goes terribly wrong? Why haven't the Disney hotels in Paris been updated? Join, discuss, ask and take part in this week's top Disney news and discussions.~ CakvalaSC


Micechat Round-Up

1956 Disneyland Hotel Grand Opening Rare Footage & Still Images
oldhotelguy has located a video from the Grand Opening of the Disneyland Hotel in 1956!

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Ask the Columnist

The now-infamous YouTube video of the drunk man being pepper-sprayed by Disneyland Security in front of Tower of Terror didn’t just have the online fan community buzzing, it had the entire Resort talking from the hourly Cast Members that witnessed it on Saturday afternoon right on up to the TDA executives who went into damage control mode on Sunday evening.

Obviously there has been the occasional unruly drunk in the parks for decades, and worse scenarios have played out over the years with hundreds of millions of people visiting Disney theme parks around the world. That said, this particular incident was certainly unfortunate for all involved. But after gathering the facts over the last few days, it’s a situation that was created by a perfect storm of bad luck, a delayed call for help, and some boneheaded policy decisions.

The incident as seen on the YouTube video is really just the tail end of a longer scenario, and something front line Cast Members often deal with nowadays. The disgruntled park guest, who reeked of alcohol, was in the park alone on Saturday. He had received a Guest Assistance Card (GAC) for a disability from the Guest Relations desk, but he had received a lesser stamp on his pass that didn’t allow him immediate boarding at DCA’s fully accessible queues and attractions. When the man tried to use his GAC at Tower of Terror, the Cast Member at the gate told him that the queue was fully accessible and that he would need to enter the lengthy Standby line or get a Fastpass and return later. The message that he needed to wait in line, even with his GAC, set him off and he began using profanity and demanding to be let on the ride immediately. The Attraction Lead was summoned to the front gate to help, and the Lead had the same problem calming the man down, and it was the Lead who called for Security to respond.

When the lone Security officer responded, practically the last available Security officer on that side of the park on that very busy holiday weekend at the same time that two paramedic runs were tying up other Security officers in nearby areas of DCA, the situation didn’t improve. The man refused to calm down, and only seemed to become more agitated at the sight of the uniformed Security officer approaching. The situation quickly turned physical, and that’s about the time when the nearby visitors with the camera began taping the incident.

YouTube does not allow direct links to the video - a click on the above
image will first take you to a sign-in and age verification screen.

The video mostly speaks for itself, but where the Security officer made his one mistake in the heat of the moment was in not calling for backup immediately upon his arrival with a visibly troubled individual. Not until after the pepper spray had been used several times did the Security officer call for additional backup, and you can see the officer go for his radio for the first time at about the 2:00 mark in the video. Also at about the 2:00 mark in the video the Tower Attractions Lead was calling for backup from his managers on the Attractions radio channel which is separate from the Security channel, and Hollywood Land Attractions Leads and managers who heard the frantic radio calls began heading to the Tower area immediately.

Additional Security officers arrive at about the 3:00 minute mark on the video, roughly 60 seconds after the first officer finally made his radio calls for backup. It’s also at the 3:00 minute mark, with additional Security and some good Samaritans stepping forward from the crowd and finally controlling the man on the ground, that the Attractions Cast Members turn their attention away from the violent man and quickly move into crowd control mode to help clear the area. The 3:00 mark is also when backup Leads and managers from around Hollywood arrive and begin controlling the crowd. Just a few moments after the video concludes is when additional Security management and some of the Anaheim police officers that are always on property arrive from the backstage gate next to Tower of Terror. The response time for all that extra help begins to arrive and leap into action within 60 seconds, but unfortunately those calls weren’t made until two minutes after the video begins.

While the video can be painful to watch as it seems like an eternity until help arrives, the help is delayed primarily because the Cast Members involved spent the first two minutes of the video dealing with a very disturbed individual before realizing this was something they would need a lot of help with. Of course the Monday morning quarterbacks can comfortably say they would have deflected the punches and called for backup simultaneously, or done a dozen things differently and far more effectively, but in defense of the CM’s the situation was volatile and rapidly changing over just two or three minutes.

The video also sheds light on just how inadequate Disney’s current training is for scenarios like this. The Attractions Cast Members involved on the video, one of whom was the Lead for that E Ticket ride, go out of their way to stand back and let the man become violent, just as they are trained to do. Disney’s training, while often vague regarding emergency situations, expressly forbids any Cast Member from touching a guest no matter how violent or threatening he or she may be. The Attractions Cast Members are doing exactly as they were trained in the first few minutes of the video by simply allowing the man to spiral into violence and physical abuse. However, when the CM’s begin to touch the man and help the Security officer restrain him, they were then violating Company policy and put themselves at risk for disciplinary action or termination. Luckily, this video went viral and Anaheim management knows full well they can’t fire or discipline the Cast Members involved now, and so far none of the Cast Members involved have received discipline even after being interviewed at length by Disney’s Security Special Services investigative department this past weekend.

The second issue involves the use of the pepper spray. That is not something Disney provides for its Security Cast Members, nor does it encourage its use. However the Walt Disney Company has a policy on the books that allows any employee to carry pepper spray on their person at any time they are on Disney property. The policy was originally created mainly for women carrying pepper spray in their purse, but the Security Cast Members took advantage of it and many began working their shifts with pepper spray clipped to their belts. Disney’s legal department in North America, afraid to put too much definition around the policy as a defensive measure against potential lawsuits, gave the de facto green light to the practice by Security officers several years ago. So instead of equipping the Security Cast Members with a quality pepper spray product and training them on its proper and appropriate use, the legal department’s unwillingness to address the issue has led to many CM’s carrying pepper spray and using it to varying degrees of effectiveness on unruly park visitors. And in the age of the iPhone, such an ugly confrontation can be up on YouTube and go viral within hours.

You would think this modern age would encourage Disney to beef up their training against physical attacks on Cast Members, but instead the company has done the opposite and provided practically no training or information aside from the instructions to “don’t touch anyone and wait for help to arrive who will also not touch anyone.”

Al also has a brand new column for this week! Click here!

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We have a wide variety of old and new this week. DCA gets some fresh old fashioned entertainment, Security at DCA comes into question, the return of a previous live theater location and the return of an old parade are both on the horizon, and video of the Grand Opening of the Disneyland Hotel from 1956! ~ Aladdin

Micechat Round-Up

Minnie's Fly Girls Charter Airline Premiere - Talking Minnie - Videos and Pictures
SoCalbma was at the premiere showing of Minnies Fly Girls and returns with these videos and great photos. This show adds some charm and personality to Condor Flats, and is certainly a step above the gangsta Mickey show over in the Hollywood District.

Lack of Security at Incident in DCA
Hollywood 1939 brings to our attention an incident in front of the Tower of Terror in DCA, that brings in to question whether DCA is doing all it can to disarm violent situations in an expedient manner.

princess fantasy experience / Fantasyland theater
PozEmerald informs us Disney announced to cast members that the Fantasyland Theater is scheduled to return as a theater! Hmmm, where did we read about this first?

Mac Daddy's 2011 Winter/Holiday Photo Thread
MacDaddy presents his last update for this winter's photo report. See his latest and greatest photos here!

Micechat Round-Up

Late Disneyland Holiday 2011 Video
fantasmiceddie24 has some videos of their trip to the Disneyland Resort during the past Christmas Season!

Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room - The Flavor of Hawaii 2012
Omnitographer takes us to the Tiki room waiting area so that we can see the new Dole Pineapple video. Tell us which video you like more the old or the new!

Pixar Play Parade Returning to Calfornia Adventure + Auditions
Natenob has news that the Pixar Play Parade is getting ready to return to DCA, and there are rumors of something new being added.

L'Ornament Magique set to close on February 26th!
WildForMrToad tells us that the Christmas ornament store in New Orleans Square, is closing, once again. It's sad to see the unique shops in this land close, such as the traditional year 'round Christmas Store, and the old Villains Store.

Modern Disney and the difference of enthusiasm vs. 'selling' future projects
RegionsBeyond brings up the topic of Walt's enthusiasm for his Disneyland projects, compared to the hard sell of the Disney Company Marketing Department today.

Mary Blair Inspired Artwork Did you know that our very own Dustysage also runs an art and collectibles site called MagicKingdomCollectibles.com? He's just posted about a brand new Mary Blair inspired limited edition Alice in Wonderland piece. But, it is the amazing $50 price tag which will have you reaching for your wallet.

Disneyland Armchair Imagineering
Welcome back, gang! This week we have a ‘discussion’ with a CM where ‘plans’ about some future renovations at Disneyland are discussed, and a post about Studio Ghibli characters and movie-based rides having a place in Fantasyland and a few other ideas.  Remember to keep posting those ideas and whisperings…you never know if they’ll make it to the weekly Round-Up or not!  -Demigod-

Micechat Round-Up

Studio Ghibli movies are perfect for Fantasyland!
MiceChat member bespinally tosses out some ideas for characters and rides that could come from Studio Ghibli movies.

A talk with a CM: Future plans at DLR after DCA expansion.
New MiceChatter micky90 had a talk with a CM about what could be happening after DCA’s Carsland expansion.

A Disneyland for the 21st Century
RandySavage has ideas for a very different Disneyland.

Tomorrowland Renovation
MiceChatter DisneylandMaster offers some thoughts on renovating Tomorrowland and it includes bringing back the PeopleMover!

Micechat Round-Up

Join The MiceChat Vancouver To Los Angeles Cruise This September!
Our Disney Dream cruise last year was such a hit that we've booked another remarkable voyage at low group rates. Join us September 10th through 16th as we voyage from Vancouver to Los Angeles with a two night stop in San Francisco. We'll even visit the wonderful Walt Disney Family Museum along the way. Don't miss out on this affordable, relaxing, and fun MiceChat adventure!

The A/V Room

Sarah has a new MiceChatter video for you today:

And here's the most recent Communicore Weekly:

Kevin's Yee's latest Walt Disney World slide show is up too:

Magic 24.7

As the official venue of choice for MAGIC 24.7, Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen in Downtown Disney Anaheim will be hosting a live broadcast from the Ralph Brennan Radio Booth in the Jazz Kitchen on August 11, 2012 (exact time of broadcast TBA).

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Walt Disney World
Lots of trip planning questions this week in the Walt Disney World forum! Will everyone be there for the Leap Day/One More Disney Day? If so, please share your stories for those of us unable to make it for this event! ~yoyoflamingo

Should I be worried when I read 'Scattered T-storms' on the Disney World 7 Day?
Poor mattthemickeyman. Can we all reassure him about the Thunderstorms in Walt Disney World? As a first timer, it's a little disheartening to see rain on any vacation forecast, but it's just a way of life in Orlando.

Planning Help!
Another trip planning question: Help Nhperry is preparing for a first trip to Walt Disney World and Universal and has a basic plan of attack. Does the plan make sense? Voice your thoughts here.

Broken Walt Disney World effects
Just how bad would it be for a Tokyo regular to visit Walt Disney World? Can we even make a reliable list of the broken effects or do they change regularly? Share your thoughts here.

Kim Possible to be replaced in June
A rumor that seems to be gaining steam on the Internet is that Kim Possible may be ending her World Showcase Adventure soon, to be replaced by Perry the Platypus as Agent P. Good idea or no? Share your opinions here.

Off Shore Parks
Planning to visit Paris, Tokyo, (or possibly Shanghai) in the future? Check out this week's threads. ~ Trekkie Dad

Micechat Round-Up

TDS at the Sapporo Snow Festival
Gyoza Dog has some pictures of snow sculptures created for the Sapporo Snow Festival by Tokyo Disney Sea.

What's With The Hotels???
... at Disneyland Paris, asks WDW1971. In most cases, the rooms have not been updated since 1992.

Mickey Mouse rocks has an idea for a new land themed to Disney Villains at the Walt Disney Studios Park in Paris.

Opening of the 20th anniversary's website with a taste of Disney Dreams' music
In case you didn't know, Disneyland Paris will soon celebrate its 20th anniversary. Fultimate provides us with a link to the official website.

A New Fantasyland for TDL
Tokyo Disneyland's Fantasyland is overdue for a makeover, says RandySavage, and he has some plans for sprucing up that section of the park.

WDI and Tokyo DisneySEA
Signor GC asks about the relationship between Walt Disney Imagineering and the owners of the Tokyo Disneyland Resort. How exclusive is the contract?

Other Parks

San Diego Zoo and More! ( PICS) 2-11-12/2-15-11
DisneyFan28 brings us a day in the rain trip report from the San Diego Zoo and Downtown.

Being alone on the JP:RA at night in the dark is hilariously creepy.
What would if be like to be the only person on a dark boat ride through Jurassic Park? Bongo lived this first hand and has shared the experience...


Calling all Canadians.
OH Canadians!!! Disney Analyst is on a quest to see who all lives in Canada. It's always fun knowing who lives up north. Come on in and introduce yourselves, aye!

Barbaraann's Folly! - An Attic Adventure.
Our beloved Barbaraann has been on a quest to remodel her attic for a few years now and it is nice seeing the progress being made. Barbaraann takes us along the journey with her via pictures that have been taken to document the two plus years of remodeling. Come check out these awesome pictures and see the incredible progress she has made!


Micechat Round-Up

Once Upon a Time on ABC
Has anyone else fallen in love with this show like many others have? It seems like many have bitten the same apple and fell in love with it. Come check out all the reviews it is getting from our fellow micechatters!

John Carter Positioned To Be Biggest Flop Of All Time?
Dustysage asks the question, 'Are you excited to see John Carter?' Or do you think it will be lackluster and flop at the box office? Come join in on this lively conversation and even participate in the voting poll.

Titanic in 3D: A review
GhostHostJeff was lucky enough to get an advanced screening of the 3D presentation of the classic film, Titanic. I didn't even know that it was being released in 3D. But he offers nice insight as to what we can expect with this presentation.


Micechat Round-Up

Micechat Round up
2/21: Al Lutz – A Sense of Place
In this update we’ll fill you in some of the latest dates for soft openings and previews, some of the things being added to the DCA project at the last minute, and begin a peek into what happens to Disneyland after DCA finally stands on its own two feet.

Micechat Round up
2/20: Universals mini golf about to open, Fantasyland almost there, and toppings aplenty in the Magic Kingdom
It's Orlando Parkhopper time - the latest updates from the Central Florida attractions we love. Universal CityWalk is set to debut the area's newest Mini-golf course while the parks are in the middle of construction for major additions this Summer. Meanwhile, the activity at the Magic Kingdom is frantic to get the first phase of the Fantasyland expansion done by the target date and there are changes coming to the Animal Kingdom's signature safari ride. All this plus news, photos, videos and more in today's Parkhopper!

Micechat Round up
2/20: Minnie takes flight in California
Minnie Mouse took center stage this weekend in a charming new aviation-themed musical show in Disney California Adventure as construction continued to make big progress elsewhere in the park. New facades are starting to be revealed in the park's new Buena Vista Street area, giving a sneak peek at the work Disney Imagineers are doing to create an authentic representation of 1920s-era Los Angeles. Over in Cars Land, additional trees are moving in, ensuring guest comfort as they explore the desert town of Radiator Springs this summer. Over at Disneyland, the former Blue Ribbon Bakery is behind tarps as it is converted into indoor dining space for an expanded Carnation Cafe and the extensive Matterhorn Bobsleds refurbishment continues.

Micechat Round up
2/19: It All Started With A Rabbit
Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse are as inseparable as peanut butter and jelly (perhaps even more so). But the smash success of Walt Disney didn't start with a mouse. It all began in the roaring 20's with a rabbit named Oswald. This is actually somewhat of a sad story, but don't worry, it has a happy ending.

Micechat Round up
2/18: Disney World, Blue Man Group, European River Cruising
The weekend is a great time to get out and explore the world. In today's update, we have two unique views of Walt Disney World including some changes in Downtown Disney and a quick side trip to Universal Studios Orlando to see the new Blue Man Group show. We'll even take you on an amazing European river cruise aboard the River Royale. We think you'll agree that it's a beautiful way to visit Burgundy and Provence.

Micechat Round up
2/17: Exclusive Interview with Knott’s General Manager, Disneyland Update, DCA Construction,
Knott's General Manager, Raffi Karprelyan is a veteran to the Knott's Family theme park and wants to guide it to bold new heights. He sits down to discuss the future with MiceChat and a few other things in our exclusive, one-on-one chat. Meanwhile, at Disney California Adventure, the construction continues and is nearing completion. We eagerly await what is in store, but we are really loving the construction photos. Finally, we stop by Walt's original Magic Kingdom, Disneyland, to inspect the ongoing issues with Splash Mountain, look at the Matterhorn progress, and enjoy the calm that is the off season.

Micechat Round up
It seemed like a great idea at the time. Utilize the wildly popular technology behind Star Tours for a brand new attraction. They would call it Body Wars and the adventure would take you on a wild adventure through the body. Your objective, to study the effects of and remove a splinter from the body. Then, of course, something goes terribly wrong. It's a good thing this ride lives on in Yesterland, safely and without posing any further danger to unsuspecting guests.

Micechat Round up
2/16: Sue Kruse - Pressing Matters

Sue shows us what is going on this week, discussing everything from presidents day to Mardi Gras!

Micechat Round up
2/15: If I were King Part 2, Re-imagining Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom
Sam had his way with Disneyland and now he dreams of what he would do to improve Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom. We get a good long look at Main Street U.S.A. and demand the firehouse back. Is Adventureland as it should be or are there changes to be made there? Do the Country bears make the cut in Sam's version of this Florida park? Read all of this and more. Then, tell us how YOU would fix the Florida park.

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