Micechat Round up day is the best day of the week to get the highlights the Disney and theme park news and discussions from MiceChat's boards.The Tangaroa Terrace at Disneyland Hotel gets an opening date and AIDS walk Orange County took place at the Disneyland resort. We then have a discussion about the Walt Disney World version of Space Mountain, a debate over which Fantasmic is the best in the world, and a peek at the new flying carpets spinner at Tokyo Disney Seas. Please, join in on the fun! - CakvalaSC

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Micechat Round up

Disneyland + AIDS Walk PICTURES
drseang brings us a firsthand photo report from the Orange County 25th AIDS Walk in Disneyland. Be on the lookout for photos of several characters cheering on the participants!

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With all the rumors going around, a lot of you are writing in with pretty much the same question: Just how much Marvel are we going to see in the parks?

Essentially the buzz right now from all the outposts is, "an awful lot." Will it be as much as we see with Pixar? It depends. If the Marvel box office numbers begin to approach those of the lamp boys up north, the sky could be the limit. Spider Man churros would be just the beginning.

Would this be a good thing? While Pixar's world for the most part plays well within the Disney universe, Marvel tends to appeal to a much different audience. Is it unique and large enough for a new Park of its own? That's what they're working to find out now.

My take? I think the branding boys tend to go a little overboard. The suits tend to forget that a one-size-fits-all marketing policy only takes away what makes each property unique simply to facilitate a unified message.

Give Marvel the universe that it deserves. Then celebrate the differences between it and Disney's. The fans of both deserve no less. - Al

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We learn more details of the Adventureland themed bar and restaurant soon to open at the Disneyland Hotel. Rumors surface of a new pirate being added to the attraction in New Orleans Square. And we also look back at some photos of Walt enjoying his own playground! ~ Aladdin

Micechat Round up

Disneyland May Photos!
drseang also brings us a photo report with some of the flora and fauna in Disneyland, along with photos of the set up for the Pirates Premiere this coming weekend!

Walt at Disneyland
Regions Beyond brings us a collection wonderful photos showing Walt enjoying his Happiest Place on Earth!

Tangaroa Terrace to open on May 25th.
The opening date has been announced for Trader Sam's and Tangaroa Terrace at the Disneyland Hotel! Take a sneak peek at some of the adventurous items on their menus!

Disneyland Rumors
Welcome back, everyone! MiceChat’s 6th Annual Gumball Rally is coming up fast...do you have what it takes to take the trophy this year? We’ll see! This week the PeopleMover is a popular topic, and another Marvel-ous idea is offered to the masses. Please keep posting your rumors and ideas as you never know…they might just make next week’s Round-up! -Demigod-

Micechat Round up

Rumor: Star Tours II to use technology similar to Nintendo 3DS
Could the revamped Star Tours’ 3D movie effect go glasses-free? MiceChatter baconbricks thinks so!
Would Marvel’s Avengers Fly As HISTA Replacement? They’ll Blow It Up!
Ride Warrior offers us a blend of idea and rumor about putting in a Marvel-themed attraction into the Honey, I Shrunk The Audience theater, where Captain EO is now playing.

PeopleMover/Skyway return?
MiceChatter DLRaddict is looking for your opinion about an idea to bring back the PeopleMover and the Skyway.

PeopleMover and…Autopia?!
ultimatekong is also thinking about bringing back the Peoplemover, and getting rid of Autopia! What are your thoughts on this?

Walt Disney World
While the West Coast is counting down the days to the Gumball Rally, the East Coast is preparing for the D23 celebration of WDW's 40th at their Destination D event, and Star Tours opening. Plus there's lots of nostalgia and trip advice for our Walt Disney World readers. ~yoyoflamingo

Original EPCOT Center
Remember the original EPCOT Center? What made the place so unique and different from EPCOT's current incarnation? While Epcot is still a wonderful place, there was something truly magical about EPCOT Center. Share your thoughts here!

I'm confused...(re: Space Mountain)
What's your opinion of Walt Disney World's Space Mountain? Rough? Bumpy? Smooth? Share your thoughts and experiences here.

Canadians, The Drive
MiceChatter thehowells asks for advice on driving to the World from Canada. Any tips?

Offshore Parks
Fantasmic has opened at Tokyo DisneySea, Hong Kong celebrated Earth Day, and we have a couple trip reports from Paris. ~ Trekkie Dad

Micechat Round up

Fantasmic Official Discussion
Started by Malin last week, this thread contains some first-hand accounts and several video clips of Tokyo DisneySea's version of Fantasmic!

Best Fantasmic ever?
Now that you've seen the videos (or in person), DisneyDude12 asks, do you think Tokyo DisneySea has the best Fantasmic! or is that title held by another version?

Micechat Round up

Ugh... Jasmine carpets revealed
RandySavage is underwhelmed by the appearance of the Jasmine Carpets attraction under construction at Tokyo DisneySea. He feels it doesn't fit the surroundings. What do you think?

New Kishin Shinoyama book
Malin received word from Amazon Japan of a new photo book by Kishin Shinoyama of Disney characters in DisneySea costumes. Has anyone seen it?

Micechat Round up

Mickey & Friends Greeting Trails
bandit is back with 70 photos of the Mickey & Friends Greeting Trails, a new meet-and-greet area at Tokyo DisneySea.

Earth Day 2011
HKDLFan has pictures of the Earth Day celebration at Hong Kong Disneyland.

3 weeks touring Europe - including DLP, WDSP, Europa Park, Phantasialand, and history
davewasbaloo's thread title pretty much says it all. You will find lots of pictures, if you follow the links.

I went, I saw, and now I comment....
GUYNYC spent four days at Disneyland Paris and gives us this trip report.

Other Parks and Destinations
Going camping somewhere beautiful? Heading to the ocean for some fun in the sun? Taking in a theme park that's local to you but not a part of the Disney family? Why not share your story and photos with us and you just might find yourself featured in the Round Up! ~elly

Other Theme Parks and Destinations
Theme Parks, Museums, Fairs, National Parks, Cruises, Cities, Monuments, Travel Planning, etc. It's a great big beautiful world, let's share it!


The Office: Season 7-- 'The Year of Michael Scott'
royaldisneyfan's thread for Michael Scott has been around for a bit, but with Steve Carell locking his office door for good, I figured it's only in good spirits that we celebrate his legacy. Or at least, that's what she said.

South Park Season 15
DarthDucky invites us to come on down to South Park for a fun time discussing the current season :)

Tim Burton LACMA book-signing 5/28
ALIASd posted information in this thread about the 'Art of Tim Burton' book signing that will be going on in Los Angeles. Come and meet the man who has created so many cult classics!

Mice Age

Micechat Round up

5/03: Kevin Yee - Brick House
Kevin has a photo tour of the newly refurbished Disney World Lego Store.

5/02: Orlando Parkhopper - Journey, Grad, Cheer and Slide a Week in Orlando
Our Orlando theme park team has been busy visiting the attractions this week and our update is packed with new and exciting event's occurring all around the Orlando area.

5/02: Dateline Disneyland - Little Mermaid and Star Tours Lighting, Pirates 4 Premiere, News and More
Disneyland and California Adventure are nearing the completion of massive construction projects to open new attractions by June 3. But the big news this week is the construction along Disneyland's Rivers of America of a massive outdoor theater that will host the premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides on Saturday, May 7.

4/30: Weekend Update - Tokyo Disneyland’s Reawakening, Disneyland After Dark, LEGOLAND Aquarium
You can always count on the Weekend Update to take you on a free trip around the world every Saturday.

4/29: In the Parks - Pirates, Mermaids, Mantas, Coasters And Transformers In The Parks
MiceChat's In the Parks blog is a celebration of Disneyland and Southern California theme parks and attractions. It's a fun and wacky week in the parks, let's take a look at what's new.

4/29: Werner Weiss - Shine On
Werner catches up on 40 years of stories from Disney World.

4/28: Sue Kruse - Pressing Matters
Sue finds cool things and fun events you may have missed, including a celebration of the Rocketeer's 20th anniversary.

4/28: SamLand - Being There
There is an art to theme park magic. Some say Disneyland is a fantasy, others that it is quite real or the way the real world should be.

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