MiceChat Round-Up features highlights from the Disney parks as well as other theme park news and discussions from all over the busy boards. Today featured threads include: Reviews and thoughts continue to pour in on the Star Tours revamp from both coasts. Beyond Disney, Universal announces a Despicable Me ride and updated Spiderman attractions in Orlando. Not to mention talk about collectables and all the latest from MiceAge. Enjoy!- Fishbulb

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Micechat Round up

Pirates 4 (El Capitan)/Star Tours Preview Combined Trip Report
Ozmacity travels to Hollywood and Anaheim for the opening of Pirates 4 and a preview of the new Star Tours! Here's their story!

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A lot of you have been asking about what are they going to do to theme the back of the huge Disney California Adventure Cars Land rock backdrop, in particular those areas adjacent to Pacific Wharf and Paradise Pier. As always, take note that any of this may be subject to change, but so far here's what to expect...

It could have been a shop

As I understand it, at around thirteen stories tall and 280,000 square feet, the rockwork that makes up Cars Land is the largest mountain structure that Disney has ever built in any of its parks around the world. The artistic goal of the huge structure is not just to recreate the Cadillac Range backdrop of Radiator Springs, but to also block out the views of modern Anaheim that have plagued DCA since it opened. The front of the rock work is almost completely done with the hand shaping, and about halfway through with the painting, as the backside remains an open steel grid to allow access to the inserts that support the catwalks along the front side.

Vultures or Seagulls?

Once the front of the massive facade is finished later this summer, the Imagineers assigned to the rock work will then turn their attention to finishing off the backside. As seen from the Pacific Wharf dining area, the rock work that creates the look of a hood and hood ornament will blend around the eastern wall into a less cartoonish rocky cliff that extends due south. That same rock wall will then form a rocky sea bluff that looms above the east end of the Paradise Pier boardwalk.

One giant pine tree shaped air freshener coming right up!

What hasn't been decided is how Imagineering and Disneyland's entertainment department will handle the dowdy stucco float warehouse that parallels that rocky bluff. That float warehouse was thrown up quickly in early 2002 to house the Electrical Parade that was brought back from the dead in a panic during the summer of '01, as the floats were still being stored backstage under tents. Since DCA's original float warehouse behind California Screamin' is now being eyed as an expansion pad for a future attraction show building, the Entertainment team considers the warehouse behind Cars Land as their long term home. Everyone realizes it has to be reskinned, but the exact artistic treatment hasn't been decided yet.

Beep, beep! The Anti-Matter-horn?

Then there's the towering backside of Cars Land that faces Katella for four hundred feet, as Disney needs to play nice with Anaheim's aesthetic zoning requirements in the city's Resort District. The big show building that houses Radiator Springs Racers dark ride portion has already received a brown stucco exterior that mostly disappears behind the heavy landscaping along Katella. The tall cliffs are too big to attempt a disappearing act, and they'll be sealed up with patterned stucco.

The view of the backside of Cars Land for those hotels along Harbor and Katella won't be nearly as impressive as the front side, but the increased business they'll get from the biggest theme park expansion in Anaheim history should take quite a bit of the sting out of it for them.

Special thanks to Fishbulb for the two recent shots,
and Andy Castro for the two archive photos used above.

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Several great Disneyland trip report this weeks, and then we even have several great trip reports from the newly updated Star Tours Attraction! Then we take a trip back in time to find out about your first Disney Character meet and greet experience! ~ Aladdin

Micechat Round up

The Adventures of the Gonzo Family and the Temple of the Defaulted Loan
Reverend Gonzo and family drive half way across the country for their vacation at Disneyland! Their entertaining activities are reported here!

HD Panoramic View New Addition to WOC - Pirates on Stranger Tides - Epic Scene!
Asianbma also has a great video the NEW pirates section in World of Color! Take a look here and tell us what you think of this update to the show!

Micechat Round up

Amazing trip To DLR for my girlfriends birthday!!
WildForMrToad planned a special Disneyland trip for his girlfriend’s birthday. Here is their birthday report!

April 22: the day my brother Dillon rejoined the AP land
Skybluefusion and her brother share their late April adventures throughout the Disneyland Resort!

Micechat Round up

Pics from Saturday's Star Tours soft open
RonW brings us several photos of the updated queue for Star Tours!

Blackbored, Mary Merch, Piratless Window and not much more!
Orbital punk gives us a quick peak at some of the newest additions to Disneyland, in photos and even a short video!

Star Tours - Secrets, Tributes, Remnants
Kevin Yee has a list of several tributes in the new Star Tours attraction. If you want to know what to be on the lookout for, take a peak, but beware, there are a few spoilers in this list!

Phineas and Ferb will be at DCA during Soundsational Summer
TheForbiddenEye lets us know that the AP newletter is reporting that Phineas and Ferb will have their own meet and greet in DCA, this summer. But that poses a more intriguing question- Where's Perry?

How old were you when you got you're first picture taken with a Disney character?
White Bones asks if you remember your 1st photo with a Disney character, and how old you were! Tell us about your 1st character meet and greet!

Welcome back, everyone! It’s been a quiet couple of weeks here at MiceChat…at least for this section. Guess you all are still tuckered out from the Rally! Please keep posting your rumors and ideas as you never know…they might just make next week’s Round-up! -Demigod-

Bring Mystic Manor Variation to California Adventure!
Dick O Dell would like to see HK Disneyland’s proposed Mystic Manor here at DCA.
Where is Zorro at California Adventure???
MiceChat member felixthequick knows about Zorro in Disney’s early days and wonders why they didn’t incorporate this into California Adventure.

WALL-E vs. the Alien
An interesting and well-detailed mash-up of WALL-E and Alien Encounter is offered up by MANEATINGWREATH.
Forget about Blackbeard…
DreamImagineCreate has an idea on a small change to tie POTC into the new movie better.

Blizzard Beach Anaheim?
Always a popular Summer topic, MiceChatter jeremys wonders why Disney hasn’t yet built a water park in Anaheim.

Walt Disney World
While Disneyland Star Tours news has been leaking for a while, the WDW version has opened for a grand opening this week. Can't wait to try out the 50+ combinations of destinations. While that's the big news, there still is lots more going on in the World, as you can see. ~yoyoflamingo

Space Mountain Shut Down After Woman Found Unconscious
Another attraction accident with a woman on the popular attraction. Cause and result? Read and add your thoughts and news here.

Micechat Round up

Star Tours Opening Ceremony Photos
Our wonderful Orlando Parkhopper shares some opening photographs from the reopening of reimagined attraction. See Iger, Lucas, and more!

Dine With an Imagineer
Has anybody ever experienced this? Share your thoughts or reviews here so PhantomBoy knows what to expect.

Offshore Parks

May 11-14 : Our first time to TDL and Tokyo Sea
cr8zymike gives us all the details on his fun filled trip to TokyoSea and Tokyo Disneyland :).

Tokyo Disney Official Album
Esmeralda had a wonderful trip to Tokyo Disneyland and wonders where she can purchase park soundtrack CD's. She got some good results too :D!

Other Parks and Destinations
New rides at Sea World and Universal Studios Orlando are featured this week, with the great news that 'The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman' ride's 3D video footage - HKDLFAN

New Sea World Ride: Riptide Rescue
White Bones posts a video showing Sea World's new ride 'RipTide Rescue' in testing.

NEWS: Universal Orlando to open Despicable Me attraction and REanimate Spider-man!
KingEric shares exciting news concerning Universal Studios Orlando adding a ride based on 'Despicable Me' and reanimating existing footage of the Spiderman ride.

Disney Business

Studio Tour - July 23
disneylandfan95 wants everyone to know that the July 23rd Studio Tour is selling out fast. Be sure to check it out if you are interested.

Multiple Covers for one Issue? Disney Twenty Three 2010
d43boy ordered the quarterly case for D23 Magazine for 2010. It holds 8 magazines but he only knows of one issue that had multiple covers. Do you know the answer to what other issue had multiple covers?

New details emerging about the Disney Fantasy
Fairy Godmother Travel tips us off to an article from OrlandoSentinel.com that reveals new features of Disney Fantasy. For more information on what is happening with the Disney Cruise Line, check it out...
Disney Studio's involvement with the war effort in the 1940s
During World War II, Walt Disney helped create propaganda for the war effort. LuckyJack65 provides some interesting info on Disney's partnership with the Government.

Disney Imagineering returns to Boston area
Disney Magic brings us interesting information from the East Coast. WDI is opening a small research and development lab in Cambridge, MA. Cambridge is also where Lucky the Dinosaur and Pal Mickey Plush were developed so this could be some exiting news. Be sure to take a look...


Pixar artists create TR!CKSTER, the non COMIC-CON 2011
Posted by ALIASd about a free venue open to the public which will provide retail space for artists!

Disney Settles Donald Duck Molestation Lawsuit
Posted by ALIASd regarding the lawsuit that a Pennsylvania woman who claimed she was inappropriately touched by Donald Duck.

Duffy, the Disney Bear seems to be gaining popularity among collectors this week. Also check out the vintage toy and a map of Tokyo Disneyland published before it opened. ~ Trekkie Dad

Duffy pic at Tokyo Disney
voleball posted a pic of a couple super-sized Duffys. Take a look!

Duffy Yahoo Japan Auctions?
Erika Glagowski would like to bid on Duffy outfits found in Yahoo! Japan auctions. Can they be shipped to the US?

Smallest Duffy and Shellie Mae Costumes?
At the other end of the Duffy scale are the key chain versions. Esmerelda is looking for costumes to fit these little guys.

Should I sell this Mickey US Mail Plane
New MiceChatter CustersDoctor is considering selling a toy from the 1930's.

Tokyo Disney Pre-Opening Map from 1980
animatedbat seeks information on a large map of Tokyo Disneyland published in 1980, well before the park opened.

Disneyland / DCA Guide Maps on Ebay
If you are a collector of Disneyland/DCA guide maps, MagicAlumni has some extras for sale on Ebay.

How does everyone store their Duffy & Shellie May clothes?
Well how do you store it all?

Test Track error pin?
Disney4me2001 posted some info about a pin, is it real?

Everyone recovered from the Gumball Rally yet? I know I'm already planning on next year's being even bigger and better, and I can't wait! For now, let's take a break and look at the Lounges!

Micechat Round up

Hayley B's New Kitty (Also help me out on picking a name for him, please)
Hayley B has a new member in her family! Take a look at the pictures, and don't forget to vote in the poll to name the new little fella!

When do you go on MiceChat?
A simple enough question. Are you a night owl or early bird, or do you never sign off?

Moving to San Francisco and need housing recommendations
IzzyInWonderland is moving to a new city, with pets, and needs some help. Time for MiceChatters to offer their help!

Bolivia Set to Pass Historic Law Which Grants Nature Equal Rights to Humans
Retrocool shares with us a very interesting story. Will this begin to pave the way for other countries to pave the way for similar ideas, or is Bolivia going to be the lone adopter of such a law? What do you think?

Mice Age

5/24: Orlando Parkhopper - Disney World Update – Star Tours Opening Celebration, Pixar Weekend, Buzz Purple
There are so many events going on in the Orlando area, its impossible to see them all. That's why we've assembled the Orlando Parkhopper crew to keep you up to speed on what's new and what's happening in the parks. This week, Star Tours launched in grand style as George Lucas and Bob Iger looked on. Pixar Weekend brought Epcot Flower and Garden Festival to a close and Cheetah Hunt at Busch Gardens Tampa put the finishing touches on its grand new coaster. As a special treat this week, we also feature the Tomorrowland Transit Authority People Mover! Join the fun.

5/23: Dateline Disneyland - Star Tours Soft Opens, Little Mermaid Cast Member Previews, News from Disneyland
Disneyland's new summer offerings technically open on June 3rd. However, on Friday, Disneyland quietly opened the doors to the newly updated and remodeled Star Tours and we are likely to continue to see a mix of soft openings and Annual Passholder preview dates until the ride officially opens on the 3rd. Meanwhile, over at Disney California Adventure, the walls came down around Little Mermaid ~ Ariel's Undersea Adventure as it launched its official Cast Previews. A few steps away, Paradise Bay's World of Color show has been updated with an extended Pirates of the Caribbean sequence and construction continues on the new Paradise Garden dining area and the re-themed Goofy's Sky School roller coaster.

5/21: Weekend Update - Colorful Lorikeets, La Rochelle Aquarium, Locomotives and More
Round and round the world we go, where we stop only the Weekend Update knows. This time around, we take a trip to the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary in Australia. The photos of the free flying Lorikeets are amazing. We also visit the La Rochelle Aquarium. Finally we have a trip report from the McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park. This 40-acre railroad park is located in Scottsdale, Arizona. It features a 15" gauge railroad, a Magma Arizona Railroad locomotive, a railroad museum, three model railroad clubs and a 7.5" gauge live steam railroad.

5/19: In the Parks - Star Tours at Disneyland, Mermaid at DCA, Hollywood VIP, Knott’s News and More
Universal Studios offers the ultimate Hollywood VIP experience that no Southern California theme park or movie fan will want to miss out on. Knott's prepares to set the summer nights sparkling and a now attraction is about to go vertical. It is a VERY special edition of In The Parks, take a read and then share with your friends and family.

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