Welcome to the MiceChat Round-Up everyone, with links to tons of Disney and theme park news for you. To kick it off today we are introducing MiceTube, MiceChat's new video blog on what's happening in the parks. But there's more here in the Round-Up today, far more. We also get a retro construction report back from when Hong Kong Disneyland was first built, and there's even a trip to one of the largest indoor theme parks in the world. Enjoy!

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Micechat Round up

Live from the Star Tours Press Event at Disneyland
Dustysage along with Fishbulb, bring us this report from the Grand Re-Opening ceremony for the new Star Tours, then watch Darth Vader visit Disneyland!

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Q. Al, Not sure you noticed or not, but on both 5/19 and 5/28 I rode the D'land Mansion and noticed that that the music and voice of were out of sync. She is calling for the ringing of the bell, after it is already occurring, etc.

And over in DCA, Midway Mania is really showing poorly for such a new attraction. Paint is missing from multiple pillars, and peeling or blistering on others. And numerous carriages are partially inoperable with bags over the guns.

I know the management has been spending billions on the new attractions, but they seem to have forgotten that all of the existing infrastructure needs powder and paint too. - Don

A. Don, while I too am dismayed to see anything amiss at the resort (don't get me started on the mess they made at the Alice dark ride), it's important to note there are some key differences in how the park is managed now, as opposed to a decade ago. Unlike the Eisner/Pressler era, when things were purposely run down to jack up profits, the subsequent regimes have been more focused on maintenance, and are better supported on that by Staggs and Iger, as well as Lasseter.

In short, I don't think neglect is a factor here. The rehab walls still go up (Main St has recently been a focus), and even the battling Dinos in the train diorama were curtained off for work.

But if you were to ask "Are they overwhelmed?" my observations indicate that it may be the better question to pose. - Al

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We have grand opening celebrations for Ariel’s new attraction, as well as Star Tours, and even Darth Vader appears to be having some fun! The state of snacking took a downturn this week, with the closure of the Mission Tortilla Factory and a cheese sauce downgrade. Finally, we say a fond farewell to two Disneyland Golden Horseshoe favorites. ~ Aladdin

Micechat Round up

My Exciting time @ the 2-Day Media Event - Pic Heavy
Asianbma was invited to the media grand opening events on June 2nd and 3rd, and brings us back a great photo report!

Ariel's Undersea Adventure in 3D High Definition
HV10N90 returns to bring us the 3D undersea adventures of Ariel!

The Incredible Mr. Limpet on Ariel's Undersea Adventure?
wannabejack was the first to report an unusual addition to Ariel's new attraction! A certain non-Disney human turned fish is hiding among the seaweed! Find out more here!

Videos from Trader Sams at the Disneyland Hotel in High Definition
HV10N90 also has video from inside Trader Sams, at the Disneyland Hotel!

Free Tortillas?
One of DCA's original opening day attractions closed last week. Say Maseca No Mas :( Hot fresh Mission Tortillas are no longer available in DCA.

Nachocalypse at Disneyland - A Sad State of Pretzel Dipping Cheese
Monorail Man reports that the state of snacking in the Disneyland resort has suffered a huge loss! His highly researched report is here, complete with all the unpleasant truths!

Frontier Tower Geyser plan - ??
Tomorrowland 1967 asks about the last minute plan for Geysers in front of the Frontier Tower at the Disneyland Hotel. Take a look here to see what replaced the waterfalls.

Micechat Round up

LIVE: What's Next at the Disneyland Resort Press Event
Fishbulb reports to us from inside of what is soon to be Radiator Springs, plus he has some additional info on what Disney announced at last weeks press event!

RIP Wally & Betty
Two of Disneyland's entertainment icons passed away this past weekend, The Golden Horseshoe's Wally Boag and Betty Taylor.

Darth Vader Watches Mickey's Soundsational Parade On Main Street!! Yes It Happened!
Micoofy Duck found this great video of Soundsational, with at least 3 unusual guests viewing the festivities! Be sure to watch as several Disney characters have different ways of acknowledging the man in black!

Walt Disney World
The summer season is coming up, let's see what Walt Disney World has in store for us, shall we? ~yoyoflamingo

First-Time or Nearly-First-Time Visitors to Walt Disney World
MiceChat newbie ronf has a few key questions about the resorts in Walt Disney World and scheduling of attraction closures while he's there. Offer your thoughts and share your opinions with him to help him prepare for his trip!

So everything is DisneyParks now?
lily23 asks about the change to brand everything 'DisneyParks.' When did that happen?

Offshore Parks

Micechat Round up

Hong Kong Disneyland Construction
TimmyTimmyTimmy posted some fantastic pre-opening photos of the HKDL!

My Re-Invention of WDSP
RandySavage offers his own unique and creative perspective on how he would layout Walt Disney Studios Paris if money would not be a problem.

Disneyland Paris in Sand
Filipv posted a great video of this huge sculpture being created!

Other Parks and Destinations
Wow! Lots of activity this week at non-Disney parks with two great Trip Reports and other fun stuff. - HKDLFAN

Micechat Round up

Lotte World Trip Report: May 20th, 2011
Downbeat has came back from the largest indoor park! Does it look familiar?

Capt Jack Sparrow at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in Hollywood
Captain Jack has finally made it, in wax!

Girl dies after falling from Wildwood ferris wheel
Wesley815 has posted some terrible news regard Wildwood ferris wheel accident.

Legoland Florida begins to hire 800
Legoland Florida announced it has started hiring the 800 workers that will operate the park’s venues daily starting in October!

'Aqua City' opens at Hong Kong Ocean Park
Mactheman posted that Aqua City has just opened its latest new addition as part of a rapid expansion, and it looks fantastic.

New Baby Giraffe born at San Diego Safari Park.
The park has a new addition, posted by Techskip! So cute!

Leaked Concept Pictures of the Transformers Ride at USH and USS
Edge4004 has started a discussion on newly leaked concept photos of the Transformers Ride!

Video NEW Universal Studios Hollywood Studio Tour feat Jimmy Fallon
F!an created a thread about the new Studio Tour featuring Jimmy Fallon which soft opened over the Memorial Day weekend. Just like Woopie Goldberg's segments, Jimmy's bits are selected by your Tour Guide to best fit that day's tram route.

May 2011 Photos and Observations - Universal Hollywood
Regionsbeyond just recently visited USH after 4-5 years and has some general observations about the changes in the park from his last visit.


Pixar artists create TR!CKSTER, the non COMIC-CON 2011
Posted by ALIASd about a free venue open to the public which will provide retail space for artists!

Disney Settles Donald Duck Molestation Lawsuit
ALIASd also posted about the lawsuit from a Pennsylvania woman that claimed she was inappropriately touched by Donald Duck.


Sheriff of Bullet Valley WDCC
Jachbin is a new user wanting help to find a Sheriff of Bullet Valley figurine to start off his/her collection. Come on and help this newbie MCer!

FINALLY!!! NEW Duffy Goods at Tokyo DisneySEA!!!^^
DuffyDaisuki gives us links and pictures to the new Duffy items at Tokyo Disney Sea.

Books, movies, music, sports, and digital gaming. MiceChatters interests are diverse, as evidenced by some of the new threads in Entertainment. ~ Trekkie Dad

George Lucas Strikes Back
retrocool found this video posted on Roger Ebert's blog. Ebert says, This explains a lot.

'How to Train Your Dragon' sequel(s)
Did you know storyboarding has begun on a sequel to How to Train Your Dragon? ALIASd has found an article in the Hollywood Reporter.

Premier Pixar : An online magazine
If you're a Pixar fan, you might want to check out this online magazine that TSMfreak found.

Box Office
This is a new thread started by JMora that examines weekend box office numbers for opening movies. So why is X-men: First Class a flop? Or is it?

All Things Must Pass: The Rise and Fall of Tower Records
Remember the music powerhouse that was Tower Records? JMora does.

e-books - Have you switched over?
ni_teach asks this question. If you have, which digital format is your favorite?

USC Stripped of 2004 National Championship
This may have been a long time coming and not entirely unexpected, but USC fans will not be happy about the news that sir clinksalot has found on ESPN.

Halo 4
Digital gamer JMora links us to the Halo 4 E3 2011 trailer.

Disneyland Adventures (Kinect Title)
Can't afford to take the kids to Disneyland? DarthBrian suggests you look into this game for Microsoft Kinect.

Mice Age

Micechat Round up

6/7: Kevin Yee - Nice Kitty
Busch Gardens Tampa is experiencing a renaissance these days. The recent past has included SheiKra, Jungala, and Walkabout Way, and now in 2011 we get Cheetah Run with Cheetah Hunt, an exciting terrain coaster that manages to perfectly balance “family friendly” fun with adrenaline-pumped thrills.

6/7: Orlando Parkhopper – Star Wars Hoopla, Kona Cafe, Phineas & Ferb, Marvel Mania
The Orlando Parkhopper is back to take us on a tour of what's news at Disney World, Universal Studios Orlando and Busch Gardens Tampa. And what a busy week it is! Enjoy the update folks, there's a lot to see.

6/6: Dateline Disneyland – Star Tours Blast Off, Little Mermaid a Splash, Monorail Slides and More
Dateline Disneyland is back to keep us in the loop on what's new and what's news at the Disneyland Resort. The past week saw the biggest summer kick-offs in decades with the grand opening of two major new attractions, a fantastic new parade, and a handful of new offerings at the Disneyland Hotel.

6/6: Al Lutz - The 95 Reunion Show
The Golden Horseshoe's Betty Taylor & Wally Boag (shown above) both pass away on the same weekend. Al reposts his Usenet write up of their 1995 reunion show at the Autry Museum.

6/3: Disneyland Grand Openings, Disney World News, Australia’s Movie World and More
It has been a whirlwind week at the Disneyland Resort as two highly anticipated attractions finally opened. We then head to Walt Disney World for photos and video of Star Wars Weekend plus Phineas and Ferb; and finish off this weekend's fantastic update with Australia's Movie World celebrating their 20th anniversary.

6/3: In The Parks – Disneyland Press Event, Hotel Good/Sad News, Uni New Tram Tour, Magic and More
It's a summer of hits (and a few minor misses) at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California. We have some exciting (and funny) video from the new Star Tours ride where Disney captures three of MiceChat's finest and declares one of them a spy (sounds about right). Universal also gets into the act this week as a revamped Tram Tour launches. Six Flags is remaking their drab Gotham section into a brightly colored DC Universe. Huge improvement. And Knott's goes sky high. An update you won't want to miss.

6/1: Walt Disney’s Monorail – The Highway In The Sky
Have you ever wondered how the amazing Monorails ended up at Disneyland?  We have the fantastic tale of Walt Disney's travels abroad and how they led to one of the most popular attractions of all time. Take a look back in time to a ride system that seems futuristic even by today's standards.

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