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MiceChat Round-Up

Greetings from the Grand Californian! Happy Birthday to Disneyland as it turned 52 yesterday. Trips at Club 33 were had and there are pictures. (Your editor will have his own out soon but do enjoy the one's already posted.) 7-11 turns some stores into Kwik-E Marts, the definition of cool. So sit back, relax and enjoy this week's Round Up! - hollywood1939

Editor's Pick

[Trip Report] - LDF's Retro Trip Report: July 14, 1995 - My Best Day At Disneyland
Innovative Trip reporter LocalDisneyFan takes us all the way back to July 14th 1995 to report on his day at Disneyland. The Skyway was still up, Indy was brand new with a three hour wait, and Disneyland was a whopping 40 years old. Travel back won't you?

More fun than Posh & Becks...

Sleeping Beauty

Hail to the Princess Aurora! Castle walkthrough to reopen!
Dare we dream? In his most recent article Al Lutz speculated that the classic walkthrough attraction might get a modern revamping. It was closed shortly after 9/11 due to 'security concerns' but now appears to be on track to open to modern park goers. What are your thoughts?

[Question] - Not at the park on the 17th? How did you celebrate DL's 52nd?
The July Single Riders meet went off without a hitch and Mousercise invites all who attended to post their pics here

[Pictures] - Looking back two years.
Our dear MiceChat pal BarbaraAnn shows us pictures from a trip she took to the resort from two years ago.

[Question] - The Positives of California Adventure
asks: With all these negative DCA comments and ideas for change (even though it does need some) I feel that I must ask this, what is the thing you like most about DCA. Even the people who hate it must like something in/about it. Just trying to create a more positive thread.

Trip Reports

[Trip Report] - Olympicnut does Club 33 - a trip report
Not one to normally offer a trip report, Olympicnut decides that this trip was special enough to report. Good times, good friends and a very special trip to Club 33 all make for a wonderful read.

[Trip Report] - Joshrzmeup's 7/9-7/12 Trip Report!!
Joshrzmeup travels to the Disneyland resort with a friend to find food fun and a little piece of heaven she calls a churro

[Trip Report] - Fishbulb's 07.15.07 Trip report including Club 33
Fishbulb offers up this week's trip report by having to miss the noon meet for a trip to Club 33 with all of his pals.

[Trip Report] - Talked into another trip to DL...July 14-17
PrincessButtercup writes about being forced to visit Disneyland: My twins were tired so they slept in on Sunday morning, but the Hamands picked me up and took me to the park with them. The crowds were light so we had a nice mellow morning. We started with a ride on the Matterhorn... Adam was just barely too small to ride. Then we went on a laid back trip on IASW (small world).

small world

Howdy, MiceChatters! I've got some rumors for you this week as well as our usual compliment of Imagineering ideas! As always we want more ideas and some tasty rumors for next week's roundup, so post ‘em if you got ‘em! - Demigod

Rumor: Snow White Closing
New MiceChat member disneyfn heard that this classic attraction could be on the chopping block.

Gold Rush land in DCA – DCA's New Orleans Square
GhostHost2 thinks a ‘Gold Rush' land would be something for DCA if it stays ‘California' themed. What do you think?

If HISTA was taken out, which of these attractions would you put in its place?
MiceChat minion SILVERMOUSE21 wants to know if Honey, I Shrunk The Audience is ever taken out what should replace it? Vote for an idea, or offer up an idea of your own!

Disney's E-LED-trical Parade
would like to know what you think about the possibility of converting the Main Street Electrical Parade to use LEDs?

Trip Report for July 4th-10th
Who doesn't love a good Trip Report? Chatter tayakaleb shares a family vacation to WDW and shows us pictures of the great times that were had.

July 14 at Epcot and The Magic Kingdom
Is it possible to have too many pictures of the wonderful place known as Walt Disney World? We at MiceChat sure as heck don't think so! Which is why we're thrilled, of course, to have another Trip Report-this time from mikeland.

Extra Magic or Extra Crowded?
ld2 wants to know if participating in Extra Magic Hours is really worth it, or if it will simply be more crowded than desired. Read on to find out your answer.

WDW Focus Group
Sabres2006's mother was invited to participate in a focus group concerning WDW vacations. As a part of the study, participants were asked to bring two to three pictures of 'what she considers to be her family enjoying the Disney 'magic' in the parks.' Interesting way to get a guest's point of view!

BAH! - An over analysis
Adequately titled, this thread is entirely about an extensive over-analysis of that famously infamous Sorcerer Hat at Disney MGM Studios. Care to chime in?


Not a park....Kwik E Mart!
made the trip to check out his 'local Kwik E Mart' - a 2 hour trip! - and he's got pictures to share!

Hector does the World (extremely photo heavy)
Hector recently embarked on a three-country and seven-airport vacation and has lots of photos to share!

Knott's Halloween Haunt Update
Knott's has begun construction on the 13 Axe Manor maze for the Berry Farm's annual Halloween Haunt - and PirateMunkee has photos.

Weird things that are in your car?
MiceChatter so chill wants an answer...why? I have no idea but what are some weird things do you have? Your editor has a couple of different soccer trophies, don't ask.

MiceChat Musicians
Come on, don't be shy, you can tell us if you play an instrument.

June Lake/Mammoth Camping Trip Report
cal4iri recently went to Mammoth, check out the awesome pictures that were took and the great time that was shared.

Who is your hero?
So, do you have one, and if so, who is?

Disney & others claim '09 & '10 release dates
Even though we are still in the midst of the summer of 2007 movie season, that's not stopping Disney and other studios from staking out their weekends for 2009 and 2010. Among those slated for 2009 are Narnia 3, Ice Age 3 and the next Superman movie. As for 2010, it's looking a lot like 2007 with a projected release of Spiderman 4, Shrek 4 and the last Harry Potter movie. At this rate, seeing Gigli 2: J-Lo Strikes Back wouldn't surprise anybody.


'HalloweenTime' & 'HMH' are back beginning 9/21/07
After initial success in 2006, HalloweenTime will be returning to the Disneyland Resort in 2007. Beginning on September 21st, guests at the resort will be able to see Candy Corn Acres in Sunshine Plaza of DCA. Mickey's Halloween Treat will also be returning to the California based park on Thursday and Friday nights beginning on October 4th. Of course, this also means the return of Jack Skellington and all your favorite friends from HalloweenTown. Hopefully Disney will have some new surprises in store for the Mansion this year.

Disney Acquires Game Developer; Announces DGamer Network, New Titles
This week at E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo), Disney announced they are acquiring Texas based Video Game developer Junction Point Studios. Also announced is DGamer, an online gaming community linking Nintendo DS users in North America, and eventually to a special channel on Disney.com . Even more, Disney announced titles for the fall based on Disney Channel staples Hannah Montana and High School Musical. And the teenage girls of the world rejoiced.

Did you like Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix?
Of course, the big story this week is the release of the newest Harry Potter film. For those who have already seen it, WRDup posted this poll for your opinions.

Get Smart Teaser Trailer
Barbossa provides a link to the trailer for the latest adventures of Maxwell Smart.

Whats on your Ipod/MP3
Got any musical suggestions for Trac to spice up her Ipod?

'The X-Files': 'Fight The Future' again
There's nothing like a good conspiracy theory! ALIASd provides a thread for X-Files fans to share their thoughts.

Are you going to Comic-Con?
San Diego hosts the world's largest Comic Convention. Tell Coheteboy if you're planning to attend.

THIS may be the funniest celebrity photograph I've seen in some time...
Let's end this section with a giggle courtesy of Frogberto (or maybe a scream... you decide!)

Disney Cruise Line

Interesting CNN story on the Disney Cruise Line
A nice read about a guest experience aboard the Cruise Line in the Mediterranean

Cars 2: The Sequel!
Is it official? Is there going to be one? I hope so!

WDW - MC Meet - Sat. Aug 25th - Epcot
Lunch at the Electric Umbrella is planned for August 25th. Check in here to let SumerInFL know if you'll be there

They Might Be Giants, Friday Oct 5th Anaheim House of Blues
Something new for you to do? Join Dustysage and Fishbulb for a Turkish delight on a moonlit night. Or, go to pick up socks after people rock them. Not sure what I'm talkin' 'bout, Willis? Better check out the thread for the real scoop on this October meet.

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