Announcing the MiceAge 10th Anniversary Celebration:

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Announcing the MiceAge 10th Anniversary Celebration:

Published on November 20, 2012 at 12:12 am with 1 Comment

Ten years ago, our little corner of the Disney universe went online for the first time. We’ve survived, thrived and lived to tell thousands of interesting tales about the theme parks you love. To mark our milestone, we’re holding a weekend long celebration at the Disneyland Resort from February 1 through 3rd, 2013. We hope you’ll be able to join us for celebrities, meets, events and lots of fun. More information HERE.

The Resort hit over 100,000 visitors between both parks on Monday, a number Anaheim used to only approach on New Year’s Eve. But the change from the past is that Monday’s attendance was evenly split between DCA and Disneyland, with just over 50,000 each. Those sardine-can numbers should continue through Wednesday, before AP blockouts kick in and things slow down a bit Thursday through Saturday. Gone are the days when DCA spent the holidays as a holding pen while Disneyland was closed due to overcrowding; now both parks are splitting the growing numbers evenly. TDA and Burbank are thrilled. There are three new articles for you below. – Al Lutz

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  • brianpinsky

    If they are aproching 100,000 people before Thanksgiving what will it be like for New Year Eve? Have posted the park times for the end of the year and that night DL is until 2am and DCA is until 1am maybe they will push the time back for the number of attendance?