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There was a flurry of excitement and misinformation yesterday afternoon as stories of Disneyland evacuations and an explosion in ToonTown swirled on Twitter, Facebook and even international media. However, the “Explosion” was merely a water bottle which popped loudly when the dry ice it contained caused it to burst. Police were called and the area secured as a precaution. CBS news is reporting that a castmember has been arrested in conjunction with this event. | We have three new articles for you today. A new Marvel World, Mouth of the Mouse and a Disney News Round Up filled with info, videos and podcasts.

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  1. Ok merely a water bottle? Sounds like your saying it was not a big deal. Have you seen what dry ice in a bottle can do? Look it up on you tube. The guy arrested has a bail which is a merely $1,000,000 sounds like a big deal to me Dusty.

  2. I must agree. Water bottle bombs actually can do a lot of damage…

  3. A child could of been killed Dusty , don’t belittle it like its not a big deal, in today’s times we have to take every precaution, and to top it off it was a disneyland employee .

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