Diamonds Are Forever –

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Diamonds Are Forever –

Published on July 14, 2014 at 3:00 am with 4 Comments

We have a short MiceAge Editors note for you today: After hyping the date to CM’s backstage and via the Parks Blog to the public, TDA is dramatically scaling back the Disneyland 60th announcement planned for Thursday the 17th. Key execs have had second thoughts on spilling the beans this early, and if it weren’t for the public Parks Blog invite from three weeks ago TDA would scrap the entire media event. Expect a few vague descriptions of the Diamond Celebration, a brief mention of the new parade and Castle show and fireworks we’ve told you about, and maybe a few pieces of art showing the event logo and that’s about it. What TDA won’t tell you is that you can now also expect a multi-month closure for World of Color this winter as that show gets a major rework for the 60th.  ||  In addition, we have 3 new items for you today. Please help us welcome Disney Avenue to the MicePod! The first episode features Imagineering superstar Tim Delaney. Today’s also the 50th anniversary of the Universal Studios Hollywood theme park and Studio Tour, Join Sam for a look back at the genesis of a California classic.  Plus, everyone’s favorite show, Communicore Weekly!

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  • Westsider

    Nothing like a mild panic to make TDA hallways interesting. Word from TDA coffee corners is that the 4th Floor suites are now furious this rethink on Thursday’s announcement got leaked on Miceage, and the Parks Blog people are scrambling on what to show their invited guests that day. It’s a mess, but the messy panic may shake loose some additional artwork or less vague descriptions of the 60th plans on Thursday.

    I hope this isn’t a clue for how smoothly the 60th will go. Colglazier needs to make sure this goes well if he wants his next exec spot cleared for him when his current Anaheim contract runs out in January, 2016.

  • Vashsky666

    Hopefully that HORRIBLE World of Color viewing area gets worked on during this scheduled downtime, I know it’s HIGHLY unlikely but a boy can dream, can’t he? 😛 All in all, if they are pushing back their announcements for more projects to get a real foothold, then that’s not exactly a bad thing. Let them take their time to get all their ducks in order and hopefully a better product will arrive at the end of it rather than something rushed for the sake of a somewhat meaningless media event 😛

    • eicarr

      I give Disney permission to lose the theming in the world of color viewing area. Instead of a “park” I’d like it “themed” as “Stadium Seating.” Older relatives cannot stand through the wait/long show. I’m starting to skip the show on trips due to the poor viewing experience.

    • DisneyFan1

      Seating for World Of Color would be awesome! Although I do like the park theming, its harder on people to walk all day long, then stand to wait for the show and stand during the show!