MyMagic Nonplussed?

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MyMagic Nonplussed?

Published on January 25, 2013 at 4:04 am with 1 Comment

The blunt questions asked of Bob Iger about the NextGen program by Massachusetts Congressman Ed Markey rolled through Disney’s Burbank and Orlando offices like a tsunami on Thursday. The issue of data-mining children’s experiences in Disney’s parks by using RFID chips to track their behavior is now a hot topic on national talk radio thanks to alarmed parents; and could very well be why our last podcast where we discuss the issue has been breaking records. The entire NextGen/MyMagic initiative is under fire before it even hits the Orlando parks, and the suits are in full crisis mode now. Burbank should have heeded their front line park operators on this one, as they foresaw dozens of problems with NextGen. Congressman Markey’s statement and questions to Iger are found at this link. | We have three articles for you today. Werner pays tribute to the House of the Future and the Moonliner. Disney World brings back some long lost old friends. Disneyland removes Wreck It Ralph. And we prepare to celebrate 10 Years of MiceAge with an epic weekend of fun at Disneyland February 1st through 3rd. Come join us!  You’ll find the details and schedule HERE.- Al Lutz

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  • eicarr

    While Florida is behind/lax on personal and voting rights, they’re not in a bubble and have out-of-state visitors. Anger I’ve already heard from SoCal friends about this who rarely visit DL convinces me it’s not happening in CA(at least in its currently planned form). Forcing people into longer lines who don’t give up their privacy is just sick. And VIP ride access for higher paying guests/classes is a major turnoff.