Monstrous Summer:

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Monstrous Summer:

Published on March 29, 2013 at 7:00 am with 4 Comments

In an attempt to help the limp Limited Time Magic campaign,  and to kick off the upcoming “Monstrous Summer” marketing slogan, Disney will bring back a surprise hit from last year – the 24 Hour Party.  On Friday May 24th the all night party into Saturday morning will be held in both Disneyland and DCA. After last year’s party devolved into a near-riot at the main entrance after 9PM, while everyone above lower-management went home at 5PM and missed the anarchy, you can bet the senior suits will be there late this time. Disneyland’s parking department is planning for gridlocked streets and backed up freeways again, and it promises to be a logistical nightmare for everyone. A smaller 24 hour party will also be held that night at WDW’s Magic Kingdom Park.  -Al Lutz

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  • eicarr

    The state or local government needs to step in on this.

    • Bruce Bergman

      Why should government step in? The problem last year was they let Team Disney Florida do all the planning from 3,500+ Miles away and they flat out didn’t set it up right, and they didn’t understand or properly handle the drastically different dynamics here.

      In Florida ~95% of their visitors are “Destination” travelers who make plane and room reservations 9 months out and stay for a week or more, and the Locals pretty much roll up the sidewalks by 10 PM.

      Florida doesn’t have millions of potential visitors in the region who consider ‘get off work or out of school and drive down to Disneyland for a few hours tonight’ a perfectly normal thing. I’ll betcha that having throngs of people still arriving at 2, 3, 4, 5 AM isn’t something the Florida folks even thought about.

      And from the looks of it, Disneyland’s upper managers and executives that weren’t specifically scheduled to be there just went home for the evening – walked away and let it fall apart. “Not my Circus, Not my Monkey.” If you show up nothing good can come from it, they can pin responsibility on you – even if you were desperately trying to fix it.

      From what I can see, the Florida folks didn’t try to coordinate any extra coverage from Anaheim PD or Fire, or the other local partners like parking cars at Anaheim Convention Center. So they got blindsided too, and we had gridlock around the parks.

      There is a method to doing these events properly – and a lot of Behind The Scenes work has to be done both well ahead of time and on the night of the event to make them /appear/ to happen effortlessly.

      I’ve been involved in the planning to flush out a large venue parking lots in ~30 to 40 minutes (Devonshire Downs after the July 4th fireworks shows) and if you plan properly it’s easy-peasy. But when there is no plan, or it falls apart, it’s miserable.

  • XxBellaThornxX

    I’ll be really curious to hear how this one goes. If people will stay away because of what happened last year, or will the fact that this time it will be a Friday night instead of during the week and that DCA is staying open will draw in even more.

    It sounds like this year is being planned out much better. Although I wont be able to make it this time, I hope the offer more special events during the event/party. Besides the crowds my only other negative thought that day was there wasn’t more special things going on. I was also shocked to learn that not many people I spoke to that night/early morning hadn’t been there since 6am. I thought they would have had something put together that would indicate how long you had been there and possibly a little something for staying for all 24 hours, like a button.

    I’ll also will not be surprised if this turns into a additional charge, ticketed event.

  • Ppanfreak11

    May 24th is listed as a grad night at DCA. This seems a little much to try and combine both a 24 event and a grad night event. Ive heard that grad nights can get a quite busy on their own. We were at the last 24 eventand it was beyond outa control. So, to mix the two seems like way too much.