• Friday at last:

    Friday at last:

    It’s been a busy week for us here at MiceChat, time to celebrate Friday with three of your favorite articles. We’d also like to invite you to a very special event filled with Disney stars…

  • Busy day:

    Busy day:

    We have four new articles for you today, including announcements for all of the Six Flags parks, a walk through of one of Universal Studios Hollywood’s upcoming haunt mazes, a new Samland AND Park Wise.…

  • Recalibrating:


    The one-week September rehab for Radiator Springs Racers has now been postponed. DCA Vice President Mary Niven wisely decided the short notice they were giving September visitors of the closure was going to be a PR nightmare,…

  • Construction is Universal:

    Construction is Universal:

    We have three new articles for you today. Kevin wonders if the Disney Empire can get back on track versus the exciting momentum at Universal. Eric takes us to the Universal Orlando Resort where there…

  • Welcome Back:

    Welcome Back:

    As you prepare to begin your week, we’d really like to thank you for stopping in to MiceChat. We have a big week of news and articles planned for you.

  • Have a great weekend:

    Have a great weekend:

    Thank you for stopping by the site on your weekend. We’ve got lots of interesting things lined up for you. If you’ve got a few extra moments, scroll down and get caught up on articles…

  • Happy Halloween:

    Happy Halloween:

    Yes, we know it’s still Summer, but tell that to Disneyland and Anaheim Garden Walk. We have two In The Parks articles for you today, both of which feature early Halloween treats . . .…

  • Monorail, monorail, monorail:

    Monorail, monorail, monorail:

    Did we mention that we have a Monorail piece for you today? Well, we do! Plus, let’s explore the pros and cons of pulling the kids out of school for a trip to Disney World.…

  • Set your time machine to 1955:

    Set your time machine to 1955:

    Bob Gurr does it again. Today’s Design Those Were The Times article from this Imagineering legend is a tribute to all the incredible folks who opened Disneyland in 1955. It’s a not to be missed…

  • Welcome another new columnist to the site:

    Welcome another new columnist to the site:

    We have a new member of the team joining us today who will be covering Universal Studios Singapore. Please joining us in welcoming Nicholas Yau. There are three new articles today, including the latest installment…

  • Monday Adventure:

    Monday Adventure:

    We have a day of new adventures for you. Learn more about a wild interactive quest Disney created to promote the upcoming Tomorrowland film. Look back at Walt Disney World and its early activities. And…

  • Screeching Halt:

    Screeching Halt:

    We’d told you in previous updates that the new “fall protection” standards that TDA is imposing on itself at California attractions would likely delay the long Big Thunder Mountain refurbishment, and now the word is…

  • Look Not into the Eyes of the Idol:

    Look Not into the Eyes of the Idol:

    As we recently told you in our In The Parks column, Imagineers have been busy at Disneyland’s Indiana Jones Adventure as they make enhancements to the Eyes of Mara scene. New digital mapping projections and…

  • Back to Earth:

    Back to Earth:

    Have you recovered from the D23 Expo? We are STILL slogging through photos and video of the event and trying to catch up on some much needed sleep. Jeff Heimbuch has posted a discussion on…

  • Catching Up:

    Catching Up:

    We had three new articles for you yesterday and have three more again today. Dateline Disneyland is running today, a day late, so we could compose a comprehensive review of the weekend’s D23 Expo for…

  • Recovery:


    It was a LONG and jam packed weekend of Disney, Disney, Disney at the biennial D23 Expo in Anaheim this past weekend. With a huge booth to staff, pavilions and panels to cover and interviews…

  • Your Source For D23 Expo News and Discussion:

    Your Source For D23 Expo News and Discussion:

    MiceChat is your one stop for D23 Expo news and discussion. Check in with us throughout the weekend in our D23 Forum HERE for news from the show floor and many panels and presentations. If…

  • Let’s Get Ready To Expo!

    Let’s Get Ready To Expo!

    Visit MiceChat at the D23 Expo this weekend, August 9-11, and meet an amazing lineup of Disney notables, legends, authors, historians and fans. Plus, find out how you could win one of the fantastic prizes…

  • It’s a MiceAge Update!

    It’s a MiceAge Update!

    Enjoy. And don’t forget to visit us at the D23 Expo this weekend. We have an amazing schedule of guests, prizes and more – See The MiceChat D23 Schedule HERE

  • It’s a Monday sort of Monday:

    It’s a Monday sort of Monday:

    Another great Summer weekend is over and it’s time to go back to work. But we’ve got three brand new items for you today to help you shake off those Monday blues. Dateline Disneyland, ImagiNERDing…