• Blackfish Gets Fishier:

    Blackfish Gets Fishier:

    After our big Blackfish story last week, more former SeaWorld trainers and folks involved with the film have come forward. Today, we bring you a very powerful interview with one of the leading orca trainers…

  • Have a great weekend!

    Have a great weekend!

    Thank you for the huge traffic this week folks! If you didn’t catch it on Tuesday, here’s the MiceAge Update which discusses upcoming projects and the budgetary issues at the Disneyland Resort. And the big…

  • What a week!

    What a week!

    We started the week off with a stellar MiceAge Update which brought us some record traffic. But not to be upstaged, Eric Davis posted a story about the documentary Blackfish yesterday which broke our one…

  • Splash Down:

    Splash Down:

    After months of spreading lies about the SeaWorld parks, Blackfish has finally been exposed by Orca trainers who worked on the film. Please see our exclusive interview below. On the lighter side, we also have…

  • The Wonderful World of MAPO:

    The Wonderful World of MAPO:

    We’ve got three new articles for you today. Bob Gurr shares the story of the early machine shop which built many of the items needed for the opening of Disneyland and the genesis of MAPO.…

  • It’s A MiceAge Update Day!!!

    It’s A MiceAge Update Day!!!

    We have FIVE new articles for you today. The Communicore Weekly guys are back with a fantastic new video, Werner Weiss has a special update on the Walt Disney House Kickstarter, Universal Orlando is making…

  • Thank you!

    Thank you!

    We’d like to send a HUGE thank you to Knott’s Berry Farm, Garner Holt, Bill Butler, John Waite, Eric Lynxwiler and all the wonderful folks who helped make yesterday’s “Last Ride on the Calico Mine…

  • Star Wars-ish:

    Star Wars-ish:

    Just before Burbank executives left town for their Christmas vacations, TDA was given the greenlight on a few modest budget items breaking the full-stop on most WDI projects back in November. The aesthetic re-skin of most…

  • Resolutions:


    Jessica bares her soul and shares her Disney resolutions for 2014. Take a look and let us know what’s on your list of Disney resolutions for the new year! Plus, we’ve got a SeaWorld San…

  • Happy New Year –

    Happy New Year –

    All of us here at MiceAge and MiceChat wish you a very happy and successful 2014.

  • Happy New Year –

    Happy New Year –

    The parks are packed to the gills. But Kevin Yee finds that Disney World still leaves attractions shuttered. Check out his story below along with all the other fun articles on MiceChat.com.  Whether you are…

  • Holidazed –

    Holidazed –

    The parks have been packed this holiday season, that should be no surprise. If you are headed back to work today or are staying home from the madness in the parks, MiceChat is always here…

  • It’s the busiest season of all –

    It’s the busiest season of all –

    If you love the Disney parks, now is the time of year which tests your devotion. Crowds are heaviest right now, building toward New Years Eve. But that doesn’t have to keep you from enjoying…

  • Was Santa Good To You?

    Was Santa Good To You?

    We had a wonderful Christmas and are now looking forward to 2014. As we prepare for the new year, Jessica brings us a list of her top 10 favorite Disney parks moments of 2013. Take…

  • Merry Christmas:

    Merry Christmas:

    All of us at MiceChat would like to wish you and yours a very merry Christmas. We have two new articles for you today and will continue to publish daily throughout the week. Enjoy your…

  • Santa’s On His Way:

    Santa’s On His Way:

    Word on the street is that the big guy has loaded his sleigh full of toys for all the good girls and boys. It’s true, Kevin Yee has photographic proof in today’s update. Plus, we’ve…

  • Twas the Monday before Christmas

    Twas the Monday before Christmas

    and all through the site, not a creature was stirring, except for the mice. The articles were posted by Dusty with care, in hopes that the readers soon would be there. |  Please enjoy three…

  • Have a great weekend!

    Have a great weekend!

    Don’t let the stress of last minute shopping before Christmas stress you out . . . check back in on MiceChat throughout the weekend for loads of fun new stories to read.

  • Disneyland Christmas layoffs, a bag full of coal –

    Disneyland Christmas layoffs, a bag full of coal –

    A round of layoffs has hit Team Disney Anaheim, the week before Christmas no less. Vice Presidents and senior management in several non-critical departments have been dismissed and walked out of the building in the…

  • Practically Perfect Thursday:

    Practically Perfect Thursday:

    We have four new articles for you today. Norman Gidney reviews Disney’s Saving Mr. Banks, he has a slightly different take on this entertaining film. Jessica celebrates her birthday today with a list of her…