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Published on August 27, 2013 at 6:38 am with 3 Comments

The one-week September rehab for Radiator Springs Racers has now been postponed. DCA Vice President Mary Niven wisely decided the short notice they were giving September visitors of the closure was going to be a PR nightmare, and she pulled the plug on WDI’s plan. The rehab to fix issues in the loading station is being postponed until either early November or January, and this time they will give plenty of notice online once the dates are decided upon.

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  • Gamertara

    I am very glad to hear about this. Not because it would have fallen on our vacation, though that would have stunk, but because they need to give adequate time for such a popular and new ride closure. I’ve known for a while that Toy Story Mania is closing the day after we get there, and we’ve been able to plan around it. I’m glad they made the change.

  • DisneyWorld

    I’m so relieved! My sister and I are taking our parents in September for four days, and my dad has been super excited to ride it. I was dreading telling him, since two of his favorite rides are already down (Big Thunder & King Arthur)!

  • El Bandolero

    Mary Niven has truly come into her own as the DCA VP. She has really made some wise operational decisions and deserves a lot of credit for DCA’s recent success (of course it takes a village… but as the Operating VP, she has been magnificent, and contributed more to the Resort than George K. ever did or that Michael C. likely ever will).