Welcome to Middle Earth:

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Welcome to Middle Earth:

Published on January 02, 2013 at 11:13 pm with 6 Comments

Big news in the theme park world. Universal is in talks to bring Lord of the Rings lands and rides to a theme park near you. Hot on the success of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Universal isn’t about to let Disney take a counter punch with Avatar or Star Wars without a major blow of its own. There are exciting times ahead for theme park fans.


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  • UUOPLee

    This could be awesome and, as you said, is a great counter punch to Disneys Stat Wars announcement.

  • mratigan

    Disney really needs to check up………….

  • quizkid8279

    This is the only site reporting it as fact, as far as I can tell. Do you have confirmation from any kind of official source, or are you merely repeating rumors that you believe are true?

  • eicarr

    While I’ve never been a fan of their lackluster rides like Transformers and the Mummy coaster, the new Harry potter area they’re building and lord of the rings would make a cool fantasy park next to the universal backlot tour and could compete quality wise with cars land. I know there’s talk of buying bob hope’s huge adjacent golf course too.

  • Eric Davis

    I welcome Middle Earth

  • renderman7

    i see some serious issues with this.

    firstly neither of the american parks have lots of free space for something like this to be built.

    Hollywood is even worse off, if the harry potter expansion goes ahead.

    Florida, they would need to demolish some old rides, probably took lagoon, just to make space.

    secondly, how would it even work. If you were “shrunk” to hobbit size, everyone else would need to be tall as, or on stilts to be normal. and if they went with you as plain old humans visiting hobbit town, i can see people en mass exploding over the tiny doors and small seats.

    finally, and i believe this to be the big thing. What would go in there. There is nothing i can think of that would work. A motion simulator where you fly over middle earth? they could call it Soarin’ Over Middleearth? Seeing as every character in the films either walk or use a horse, no carriages or such, rollercoasters would be hard to theme.

    of course the universal guys might come up with some awesome idea that shuts me up. But i dont see it happening, without some major changes to the existing parks.