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Seen WALL•E Yet? Was it better than Ratatouille? Best not keep your opinions to yourself; best to join in the discussion on MiceChat. Of course, Disney parks visitors young and old are turning in their trip reports for you to read as well. Use the links below to join the fun in the MiceChat forums! - Westley

Editor's Pick

Video Trip Report
DizMagic and his sister bring us a fun Video Report. You'll laugh! You'll cry! You'll laugh some more!

He did sell, he did!

Lots of trip reports from the past week from Mr Toad to Tikis, and even a video report. Also, share your funniest Character experience, and a video comparing the old and new Fantasmic! finales. Have a Happy Independence Day everyone! ~ Aladdin

Mr Toad's Wild Ride Through Disneyland
Mr Toad and Aladdin take a Wild Ride through and DCA. Hop on board, but don't forget your Dramamine!

Fishbulb's 06.22.08 trip report
Fishbulb fills us in on his trip to on June 22nd!

Light Mouses Tiki Adventures
Light Mouse reports on the events of the now infamous 2008 Tiki Room merchandise event ~ take a look at some of the merchandise here.

The Mis - Adventures Of Dan - Tasmic! and Stitch 2.0 - A Tale Of Trip Reports
Dan-Tasmic! and his little blue pal report on their multi day trip!

The Gigabots Day At The Park - 6/27/08
mamabot and family share their day at with us!

TheRockr's 21st Birthday- Knott's, Anabella, and Disneyland!
TheRockr celebrates his 21st at and Knott's! Join the party here!

The Clinkerbelle's day at the hottest (happiest) place on earth
Sir Clinks shares pictures of that HOT Sunday day, from last week!

Funniest thing a Disneyland Character has done to you.
Capt Hooks asks for your funniest character interaction! Share your stories and pictures here!

Fantasmic! Finale: New vs. Old
Dan-Tasmic! asks if you prefer the new Fantasmic Finale, or the old one. Take a look at the video first.

This week - a swell Trip Report, upcoming Holiday fare, and... what?!? Pleasure Island is closing? Adventurers Club is leaving? Say it ain't so! - PEZZ

June 28 WDW Trip Report
Mikeland submits this refreshing little Trip Report from his recent stay at WDW where he went to sample the Olszewski offerings. He has splendid photos of Main Street and the very cushy JW Marriott Grande Lakes.

Candlelight Processional at Epcot- you can book now
New member DisneyKirsten chimes in with the announcement that the Candlelight Processional is available for reservations now. Find out who is scheduled to narrate and how to get your tickets to this very special Holiday event!

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9/27/08 - The Demise of P.I.
WDW Monorail is the first to chime in on the WDW Forum about the impending closure of Pleasure Island clubs. It seems that Disney is going to make that real estate into something less 'adult' and more 'family oriented'. First Videopolis. Now this!

Save the ADVENTURERS CLUB at Pleasure Island!
Aladdin and many others are very upset about the closure of the Adventurers Club as part of the Pleasure Island re-development. This terrific club with its cast of irregulars is beloved by many and petitions are popping up to save it. Come and say 'Kungaloosh!' and put in your two cents. It may add up to something...

Offshore Parks

Some thrilling photos from across both oceans this week, expansion for Hong Kong DL, and the rumor mill is buzzing about yet another Disney Park in the offing. Set sail for intrigue! - PEZZ

TDR - Some June pictures
Avid photographer Ichigopara brings us some lovely, colorful photos from TDL! The parade photos are crisp and colorful and the merchandise has never looked dreamier! Also, an interesting take on Stroller Security...

Is TDL worth it for former CM?
New member CM to RN will be in Japan in September and is looking for some good excuses to visit Tokyo Disneyland. Boy, did she come to the right place!

DLRP News and Updates pictures June 08 !
Fun-tastic, French MiceChatter DLRP_bopazot is back in Paris with an updated look at Disneyland Paris. You followed him on his adventures through the US Disney Parks and now you can join him back on his home turf! Save a baguette for me!

HK news paper front-page news:HKDL plans to expand 30% area in 5 year!
In Hong Kong, Mickey20d gives us the scoop on the reported expansion of their Disneyland. With a really cool map, we can see where the newest Disney property is going to be!

Wen Wei Po reports SHDL deal is done
And for the big rumor of the week - Asa reports that a new Disney Park is planned for Shanghai! At eight times the size of HKDL, this would be a massive undertaking and take a few years to complete. Will this turn out to be a great reason the get Shanghai'd (in the future) or will this come to pass when elephants fly?

Micechat Non-Park

WALL•E Soars To #1 With $62.5 million
Universally loved by both critics and the public alike, WALL•E looks like another in a solid string of hits for Pixar! tjcjr brings news.

Disney.com getting a makeover -- again
tjcjr sees evidence of a new look on Disney.com.

Micechat Other Parks

Well Summer is really here and with it comes the busy tourist seasons at all the domestic parks and vacation destinations. We've got quite the mixed bag of threads this week so lets dive in and see what's going on. ~elly

Guest decapitated by Batman: The Ride at Six Flags Over Georgia after hopping fence
Some sad news to start of this week brought to us by ManaByte. The death of the young man in this story just serves to remind us all why fences and safety signs at any resort destination are VERY important to pay attention to and follow. They really ARE there for our health.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and a side trip to Denver
Roo719 brings us some happier news with a lovely photo-tastic trip report from a recent zoo visit in Colorado.

San Diego County Fair - 2008
What better way to follow up one photo-tastic thread than with yet another! MickeyMaxx gives us a very colorful trip report for the San Diego County Fair, which makes me realize just how cheesy our State Fair is here in Nevada, tune back in August for that trip report.

Elly and Dustin go to the Reno Rodeo!
Speaking of Nevada, elly (oh! that's me!) and her husband and mom went to the Reno Rodeo this last week and filed this trip report, complete with action photos!

Knotts changes policy for disabled guests
Turning our attention back to sunny Southern California and news that Knott's Berry Farm has changed their rules for disabled guests. DisneyFan28 brings us the news and we'd love to hear what you think of these new changes.

7/1: Belle of the Ball, Part II
More on the story behind the Disneyland Railroad's Presidential Car, the Lilly Belle

It's a week of sixes. An avoidable accident at SIX Flags, SIX Clubs are closing at Pleasure Island and WALL•E makes over SIXty million at the Box Office -sir clinksalot

Disney to Close Six Clubs at Pleasure Island
Disney announced they will be closing 6 clubs at it's Pleasure Island complex located in Downtown Disney in Orlando. The changes have been rumored for years and while some of the club closures are no surprise, closures of the highly popular Adventurers Club and Mannequin's left many scratching their heads. Some restaurants such as Raglan Road will be remaining open. As long as we can still get the Bucket O' Booze, I'm okay.

'WALL•E' box-office
WALL•E, Disney/Pixar's latest animated movie made $62.5 million in it's debut weekend. Reviews for the movie were simply glowing leading into and throughout the weekend by both published reviewers and MiceChatters in the Entertainment Lounge.

Teenager Struck, Killed by Six Flags Batman Coaster
A 17 year old boy was struck and killed by the Batman: The Ride coaster at Six Flags Over Georgia on Saturday. There were conflicting reports of the youth trying to retrieve a hat or trying to get into the park without having to go to the front of the park. Either way, the accident was pretty avoidable considering the teen had to hop 2 6-foot fences to get into the ride area.

It's Olszewski Mania this week (and every week) on the Collectibles boards! Also, care to offer your own suggestions on running a merchandise event at Disney? This is the place for you! - PEZZ

Jun 28 WDW Olszewski Release Report
Intrepid collector Mikeland ventured up to Walt Disney World to add to his Olszewski collection. And to meet the man himself! Read his harrowing account and see the fascinating photos he brought back. BTW - With a name like Olszewski, how would you like to sign your name dozens of times an hour?

Olszewski Mad Tea Party Available
Also on the Olszewski front, Dr. G fills us in on the availability of the Tea Party Attraction miniature. They may be gone so fast your head will spin, so hop on it right away!

How would YOU run the next merchandise event?
RetroMousie was at the recent Tiki Room merchandise event at DL and was underwhelmed by the handling of the crowds, artists, merch., etc. This being MiceChat, there should be several good suggestions on how to make things better next time! Post your ideas here...

Northwest MiceChat WALL•E meet trip report
Mellonballer reports on a MiceChat meet for WALL•E at the Galaxy Theater!

PTR: WALL•E at the El Capitan.
EOS went to go see WALLE at the El Capitan, but made a few other Hollywood stops along the way. Check it out!

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